Aftermath of Cyclone Nargis

If you are looking for news or pictures regarding the cyclone, you won’t find it here as I don’t bring my camera with me today and most of the pictures are probably seen at other news websites and blogs. This post doesn’t contain anything that is news-worthy.

Ever since the cyclone hit Yangon, I have been cut off from almost everything. There’s no electricity and buses didn’t start running until a few days later. Our phone line was cut off for half a day but it came back pretty quick. I didn’t have to worry about water ‘cuz we have a well at our house since we don’t receive much water from the pipeline. My parents have given up trying to fix them as our money are just wasted. Since the electricity is down, I have to come downstairs to take a bath and go to bathroom. It’s frustrating but it’s better than having no water at all.

I stayed at home for 6 days straight and they ware the most boring days in my life. Everyday I wake up, eat breakfast, do some chore and read books. I read most of Edgar Wallace books and I re-read “Those Who Don’t Believe in Faith” by Jue. When I’m hungry, I could only drink coffee and eat crackers for a couple of days. Sometimes I eat mango with oyster sauce and chili peppers. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I went to a local shop nearby and ate Rakhine Moat Tee. The prices have risen everywhere and it’s not worth that much to pay 200 kyats for a small cup of Moat Tee. The salad (a thoke) prices are way expensive. The sad thing was it was the only place near my house which is clean. I didn’t want to eat from other places ‘cuz they might be dirty and I might get a diarrhea or something.

The cyber cafe nearby opened on Tuesday so my sister went there to check her mails but she said she lack patient to wait 2 hours to send one mail. That cyber cafe’s connection is so darn slow. Even through I wanted to check my mail, I didn’t want to waste my money for nothing so I waited patiently until my office open again. But we didn’t get internet connection on Friday :(.

Today is my last day at work so I won’t be able to use internet with fast speed again :(. I still have a couple of things to download but now I don’t have time anymore. I will have to depend on my sister to help me as I won’t get much chance to use the internet at work.

I quit my job as I got a new job to teach English to kids. I don’t have any experience in teaching but the boss said I’ll do fine. I’ll start working on May 12th as an assistance teacher. Wish me luck everyone:). I’ll try to update my blog but I might have to give up writing in Myanmar.


3 thoughts on “Aftermath of Cyclone Nargis

  1. Hello madyjune,

    I got the adress to this blog from the BBC’s website just yesterday. While it is good to see that you are ok, I am puzzled how you can be bored after Nargis left such a devastation with tens of thousands dead and god knows how many in serious jeopardy. I think I would feel distressed, horrified, sad, angry and frustrated but then again feeling bored could well be just another coping mechanism. Dont get me wrong, I dont blame you for feeling bored, I am just puzzled.

    Anyway, good luck an your new teaching job and I do hope you keep on writing.

  2. Hey Gwendolyn,

    I understand what you mean but in my place, it’s different. There wasn’t anything I can do except making donations. Everyday I listen to the radio and all I hear is just news, news and news. And living without electricity can be really boring.

    Yes, it’s a terrible thing that happened in the Ayeyarwaddy Division, but I didn’t want to focus on that. That’s what many people are interested so many of them have probably wrote about them.

    I wonder why BBC would link me although I clearly mentioned that my post didn’t contain anything that’s news-worthy.

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