Japanese Remake of Goong

I’ve just heard about the Japanese remake for Goong drama. When I looked at the castings, I am overjoy to see Yamapi as Shin and Oguri Shun as Rui. I am not that familiar with the actresses but the lead actress was from 1 Liter of Tears. I still haven’t watch that drama yet.

I wonder when they will start filming the drama. Right now, Myanmar fans are obsessed with Goong as it’s airing on MRTV. The amazing thing is all 3 dramas by Eun Hye are being aired on television. The Vineyard Man is aired on MWD and Goong and Coffee Prince are aired on MRTV. It’s too bad that they are aired on MRTV ‘cuz MRTV’s censoring is worse than MWD.

But still you can buy all three dramas as dvds. Right now, I’m trying to finish watching The Vineyard Man. I have to watch with computer ‘cuz the subtitle isn’t that great in the dvd. Thanks to Ko Someone and Ma Yee Mon, I have the original dvd version of Goong and the Coffee Prince is nice to watch also ‘cuz the subtitles are exactly from d-addicts. I know they will pissed off to hear that their fansubs are being used for pirated dvds but for me, it saves the trouble of having to rip and watch with the computer.


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