Happy Belated Birthday to Me

On Sunday, I turned 24. I had to teach during the daytime but luckily there was no meeting so I was able to leave after 4:15 pm. I got home around 5pm and my friends have already arrived. They were waiting for me so the food got a bit cold. I only invited 2 friends over so it was just us and my family. We have barbeque and watched TV while chatting. One of my friend is leaving for SG soon so that’s why I wanted to make a party, not just to celebrate my birthday, but also a farewell party for her.

Around 8’o clock, my father turned on the radio to listen to the birthday program on City FM. I wasn’t planning to listen at first but as I was feeling down about my job, I thought maybe the astrologer might say something to lift up my spirit. I didn’t get to hear all of what he said ‘cuz my father was trying to fix the radio channel but from what I’ve heard, he said people born on June 29 are creative and innovative. They don’t give up too easily and they follow their dreams even when it’s impossible. They would be more prosperous if they do business at their birthplace Does that mean I should go to my birthplace? Then I heard something about don’t be indecisive or waver a lot which is exactly how I’m feeling lately. It’s not much but still it’s nice to hear nice things about myself.

My sister took these pictures so the credit goes to her.


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