A Short Interview

I passed the written exam so I have to sit for the oral exam. I arrived to the university around 10:00 am but I had to wait until 3:15 pm for my interview. It was a long day but I was prepared by bringing some textbooks for me to work on so I wasn’t that bored even through I waited for 6 hours. Around noon, I went to eat Hledan to check out some Grammar books but I didn’t know which one to buy. I’ll have to ask my teacher about it tomorrow.

I was prepared to be asked so many questions ‘cuz a lot of people came out of the room looking tired and exhausted. But when I went in, I had only sat down for 5 mins and talked about myself and answered a few short questions. Then the interviewer told me that I can go. I was a bit shocked of course. I waited over 6 hours just to be interviewed for 5 mins? Does this mean I got high marks on my exam so they didn’t need to interview me further or does this mean that they don’t like me? I don’t know. The result will come out tomorrow. I will have to look at it after school. I originally have a half day off tomorrow but because I took leave today, I have to work until 4pm tomorrow. Too bad, but at least I can prepare for my weekend class.


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