Data Error – Cyclic Redundancy Check

I used to have my cds ruined due to data error which kept displaying cyclic redundancy check. I thought my troubles would be over after buying a dvd writer but I still face the same problem. What really makes me mad is only important or my favorite files receive the error while lesser important files hardly ever receive any errors. You may guess that my favorite files refers to favorite videos. I was extremely pissed off when I couldn’t watch back the last episode of Nobuta Wa Produce or the first episode of Dragon Zakura which I burned into a data dvd file. It’s not like I have a lot of Japanese dramas and those two are among my favorite dramas of all-time.

Just a few days ago, I burned one dvd with a few video backups and some new videos which I don’t have any backup at all. I was just trying to clear my hard disk and I was planning to encode the new videos to a dvd format to watch later with TV. So what happens is that, the backup files which I had copied before into cds work fine but I can’t copy most of the new videos anymore :(. I can’t download them again ‘cuz I don’t have internet connection like I used to before and beside, some of them were downloaded from stage6 before it was closed down.

I have spent 3 hours trying one recovery software another. I was able to recover most of the files with one software but I can’t watch the videos so I just wasted my time.

So, next time, I would have to remember to check back every single files after burning a dvd before deleting them from the hard disk.


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