Resigning My Job

I have decided to resign my job and I will be working at the school until the end of this month. The reason is because I wasn’t allowed to arrive late to school due to my ELT classes in the morning. I was told that I have to have at least one year service at school to be allow to attend part-time classes like this. I do admit that I had wanted to quit several times during the last month as I was so tired with my job but now I’ve gotten a bit more used to being tired and I’ve started to enjoy teaching also. But I don’t know any teaching methods and although I can learn while working, I won’t be learning the proper methods. I wanted to attend ELT so that I can improve my teachings in school but now I won’t be able to teach them anymore 😦

After I quit my job, I will continue to attend the classes in the mornings and work part-time or give tuitions in the afternoons. I’m also thinking of attending some English classes at BC or American Center to improve my pronunciations as they have gotten worse as I rarely spoke in English after I came back to Yangon.


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