2 AM

I’m currently listening to this new Korean boyband called “2 AM” and they are amazing. At first, I was skeptical and thought of them as just another teen idol wannabes who have only good looks but have squeaky, annoying voices. So when I saw their first single online, I wasn’t that interested in them but gave them a try and I like all the songs. Once again, JYP has done it again and unlike Wonder Girls, all of them can really sing, (not that I am trying to bash the girls as they are my fav girlband). I was quite amazed that although they are new, their voices are so good.

The single album contains three songs in which the first two are ballads and the last one is a pop song but it’s not like typical kpop songs that you hear some other boybands sing. What I mean is that when a new boyband emerges, usually they just sing a r&b + pop song and dances while performing. Sometimes they are good but sometimes I’m quite sick of seeing and hearing not so unique songs. While performing, they would do those so called cute actions and the audience who are mainly junior high or high school girls would be screaming their heads off.

2 AM – This Song

01 This Song
02 Not Because
03 What Do I Do

credit to z-degrees + madyjune


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