People can be so unreliable

One of my motto is “If you want something, do it yourself.” Perhaps that’s why I am anti-social as I like to depend on myself. If I can do it by myself, I don’t ask other person to do it for me. I know that I can’t do everything by myself and I need to rely on others but most of the times, people can be so unreliable. I ask them to do something but they couldn’t complete it. They kept delaying it and in the end, I have to do it myself which leaves me in a tight spot if there’s a deadline. If they can’t do it, they should have tell me in the first place.

Today, I was put into a tight spot and I ask someone to help me. She said she’ll ask another person and asked a person who is busy with her work. I waited for nearly 2 hour but the 2nd person was still working so she couldn’t help me. However, the first person was just sitting and reading some books. I was really pissed off but I didn’t say anything as I don’t want to argue and I still have to do my work.

It is true that sometimes I trust people too much but sometimes I don’t trust them at all. Even now, I can’t think of anybody beside my parents who I trust completely.


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