In Myanmar, we use the term ‘109/110’ to refer to people who are jobless and have nothing to do. I am jobless right now but at least I still have something to do. During my last days at school, I didn’t really say goodbye to any of my students. One of the reason is because I didn’t want to think about me while they should be studying for their exam and another reason is that I hate saying goodbyes. So I only greeted my co-workers and left. I was supposed to stop working after the 31st but as the exam was near, I went to my weekend class to give them revision. I hope they can pass the exam with good marks.

When I told people that I’m quitting my job, most of them just say “What a waste of a good job.” or “It’s a pity you are leaving when you get a good salary.” Some thinks I should have gave up on the class and continue with my work. They might probably think I’m letting a good chance pass by just because of a mere class I’m attending. So I didn’t really want to bother to explain to them about what I really want to do as they are more interested in my job position rather than me attending classes.

Enough about these, the good thing about having no job is having no stress at all. I only have to wake up early in the morning and rest when I get home. Now I can finally pick up my books and start revising on my lessons.


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