Entrance Exams for Universities

A couple of days ago, after I got back home from my class, my neighbor visited my house and started a conversation about her daughter. Normally, I would have cut the conversation short and excuse myself while letting her talk with my mother but as she went out, I ended up having to listen to her. Her daughter had passed the 10th standard exam (or it’s called as grade 11 exam now) and she is undecided about what university to apply to. She didn’t get good marks on her exam so she can’t apply for universities which accept higher marks. At that moment, her daughter came in and started talking about whether she should take a tuition for the GTC (Government Technical College) entrance exam. She said everyone who passed the exam in the neighborhood is applying for GTC so she’s afraid that she won’t get chosen. Her mother doesn’t want to use bribery as she dislike using it so she said she’ll allow her daughter to take the exam but won’t do anything to make sure that she get in.

I used to thought once you pass the 10th standard exam and received your total marks, applying for university will be easy as they depend on how many marks you get on your exam. Normally, people who get really high marks apply for MC (Medical College) but for this year, I’ve noticed that UFL is the most hardest to get in as the marks they are accepting are higher than MC. It’s funny that now most universities have entrance exams so the students had to studied hard for the 10th standard exam and then study again for the entrance exam, which some aren’t sure of passing. In a journal interview, a man who runs a tuition center for entrance exams said he’s glad that we have adopted this system, like the universities in other countries. Well, of course. he’s glad. He’s getting money for giving tuitions. And who else is happy for this? Certainly some people who will be receiving money for parents who want their children to pass the exam. If entrance exams are necessary for getting into universities, what was the point of the 10th standard exam?

I must admit that I’m not quit sure but by what I’ve experienced at school and from watching some dramas, I notice that one doesn’t’ need to study hard to graduate from high school. He/She must only focus on passing the SAT/GCE exam or if that person is applying for a certain university like Tokyo University, then study only for that particular exam. If a university can accept a student based on his/her marks, then don’t make that person sit for another exam again.

The girl said she is interested in becoming an architect but she’s not sure she’ll be able to apply for that line even when she pass the exam. And GTC is just for 2 years only. She’ll have to attend another university to get BE (Bachelor in Engineering) which is pretty hard to get in.

If she didn’t pass the exam, her mother wants her to just apply for distant education for physic major. At first, I suggested to apply for English major instead as it’s more useful than applying for science majors, which won’t be much useful when she applies for jobs, unrelated to her major. But she only received 40 marks, barely passing the exam so she has no chance of getting into English major. She can still learn English from taking classes and I said I know a good place where she can attend. I’ve just went to that place this morning and the person in charge said that she’ll have to wait for 2 years to attend the first level. There are many levels (I think maybe 6 levels) and after completing them, she’ll get a diploma. I got depressed after hearing about the 2 years reservation. I know there are many other classes she can attend to but that place has a good reputation.

When I passed the 10th standard exam, at that time, I wasn’t sure about what I want to be in the future. My parents said that all of us should apply for distant education as E-major as we might be going abroad in later times so the exam will be easier to answer from abroad. (We never went abroad till my sister and I graduated, and after my brother took the final year exam.) At that time, I have nothing in my mind really. I just wrote down English as my first priority and History as my second one, as it’s also taught in English and easier to study. My last choice was Myanmarsar as I didn’t want to study it at all. (One of my students even joked that I’m only good in English but terrible in Myanmarsar when he asked me for spelling and I didn’t know how to spell it)

Although I chose distant education, I really wanted to attend day time university. I was pretty much a child in my mind as I was still attending 9th grade when I got back to Myanmar but suddenly have to take 10th standard exam and then boom…I have graduated from high school, just like that. Then, I have to choose what university to attend, based on my total marks on an exam I barely passed. I really wanted to still attend high school, just like in other countries, until the 12th grade but I couldn’t do that here. I also didn’t get to attend day time university as they all said it’s just a waste of time while I can get a bachelor degree by distant education. I have bitter experiences distant education system so I won’t mention about it anymore.

I attended a computer trainee center for nearly a year and I started working when I was 17. Some people said they envied me for I started working at such a young age, but in turn, I envied them for being able to enjoy the life university students. So, I really didn’t want to suggest her to work while she was young when she should be enjoying her life in university. But then, her family isn’t doing all that well, so she will have to work to support her family. Even as a youngster, as long as the person isn’t studying anymore, he or she should be working, that is the view of adults. They think they are just 109/110 if they are not working.


2 thoughts on “Entrance Exams for Universities

  1. I feel for you and proud of you that you started early. I wasted my life as 109/110 when I was your age and not proud of it. I went back to get my BA when I was 26 and get my MBA at age 31. So don’t give up. Being a student make us young always..

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