Ye’ Lay – First Live Concert

Forgive me for I have sin again as I have bought a pirate version of the audio album. When buying Myanmar albums, there are 2 kinds of albums I never buy, live shows and Thingyan albums. I think they are just a waste of money as the live show are released as vcds and dvds later on and you only listen to Thingyan songs once a year. It’s really frustrating that live shows are released as audio albums first, later followed by vcds and dvds and some took such a really long time to come out, such as Sai Sai’s Birthday Show. Why couldn’t they just release them at the same time? I think they are worried that nobody will buy the albums if they are released at the same time with the vcds and dvds, which is probably true. At least, Ye’ Lay said the vcd/dvd will come out after a month later in an interview. Meanwhile, I bought the album to listen to the new songs which aren’t featured in any other albums.

There are 17 songs in the album and only 6 songs are upbeat and the rest are typical pop rap and ballads. Track 5 is “Hnauk Shat Thu” featuring Jenny which is not bad but kind of reminds me of Sai Sai’s songs feat Thiri Swe. After that, I had to listen to 5 ballads song straight before reaching another upbeat song. By that time, I was so sleepy after listening to ballads after ballads. If he had inserted more upbeat songs between the ballads, it would have been better.

Track 13 is “Lan Tae Hae” feat Chan Aye Win and Htein Win which was in his sample album. Some part of the lyrics were changed to probably due to censor but I’m pretty sure he sang ‘hnar buu (pervert)’ instead of ‘arr luu (potato)’ at the concert. The last new song is “Baby Girl” feat L Loon War. So there were only 3 new songs but a few others were sang in new versions such as “Pyaw Ma Htwet Khae’ Thu”, “Ta Nay Nay Yauk Khae Yin” and “Nauk Sone Min Nae.” I like the new versions of “Ta Nay Nay Yauk Khae Yin” ‘cuz Okkar Oo Thar played the piano and “Nauk Sone Min Nae” was sang as a cappella with the best harmony group in Myanmar, Ever Glade.

Too bad that a couple of songs from the concert aren’t included in the album release like “Okay” with Nge Nge, which I prefer over the song with Zam Nuu. I thought he would have included the performance of “I Don’t Know” as he sang with a teenage boy, whose voice wasn’t that bad. Also, the performance of “For the Hip Hop Word” with Chan Aye Win wasn’t included :(. At least, I’m glad he didn’t add that duet song with Rebecca Win which was too bubblegum pop for my taste.

I’m still trying to decide whether he sang all of these songs live or that they were recorded in the studio. What makes me think like that is the lack of audience cheers in the songs. I only hear them at the start of the song, the end of the song and sometimes in the middle or when he asked them to sing for him. Once again, I’m complaining that the fan’s voices are ignored in the songs as they are always ignored in most live shows. So. in my opinion, most of the songs didn’t sound live at all. For me, I have most of all the old songs so I wanted to listen to the live concert album to get the feeling of actually listening to a real concert.

Maybe you might think that I’m always criticizing Myanmar artists. Perhaps I’m always doing that. What I really want is that when a live show or concert is being released, I want to watch it from the beginning to the ending and feel as if I’m actually at the concert. You might think I’m saying the impossible but I actually felt that while watching Rain’s concert dvd.

After listening to Ye’ Lay’s concert album, I had to listen to Big Bang’s 2nd Live Concert album to compare my feelings while listening to both albums and yes, I feel more excited and active while listening to Big Bang, which has nothing to do with the fact that I adore the boys.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the dvd release and this time I’ll really buy an original version.


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