Today, we have to give presentations in the class from each groups. A representative from each group has to go up front and perform micro-teaching. The presentation should be only about 15 mins for each group but some groups took longer time as they were busy writing on the blackboard. So our group didn’t get a chance to give presentation as the time runs out and the teacher, who came in late while leaving another teacher in charge, was scolding the students for not paying attention to the instructions. Luckily, we have done the presentation according to the guidelines and we even checked with another teacher so we don’t have to redo it for next week. But still we have to give a presentation.

My group asked me to give the presentation but I refused as I have to teach in mother tongue and I am not familiar with Myanmar grammar terms. I rather teach in English to English like I did back in school. Maybe if we are asked to give a presentation using a different method, then I might present micro-teaching.

This morning, I just sat in class and listen to the presentations from other groups. One of the representative taught about using tenses and she wrote them on the board. I couldn’t see properly so I only saw the word V3. At first, I got confused so I asked my friend “What is V3?”. She said, “Are you trying to make a joke?” I told her that I didn’t really know so she started to explain and then I knew it meant past participle. I always hate having to take grammar classes for UDE tutions ‘cuz the teacher also taught using that format, V1, V2 and V3. I do admit that I have stopped learning grammar ever since 1999 but even then I didn’t understand if the teacher say you have to use those words. A teacher from a PSA tuition class called it ‘terms used by lazy people’.

Although I have a couple of old, musty books at home, I want to buy an updated grammar book. I really like that book that was used back at the school. I always use it for reference before I taught grammar to my classes. I don’t know if I can buy it here ‘cuz it came from Singapore. I only see copies of Oxford, Cambridge, etc and not even an American version. Yeah, it’s a bit of a habit of me to stick to American versions, such as Webster’s dictionary. My friend told me I should buy an Oxford pocket dictionary ‘cuz my dictionary was plain useless to her as she can’t use it to look for correct pronunciations. Well, I didn’t tell her that I have been using it for more than 10 years now and it’s quite useful for containing thesaurus at the end.


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