Celebrities to wed soon

I must have mentioned before about NOW!, which is a journal released every Monday. I always like reading it ‘cuz of celebrity news and gossips.Most of the time, I only get to read it on Monday nights but today I get to read it a day early. I first looked at the cover and saw Sai Sai and Wit Hmone Shwe Yee dressed in white, then saw the headline below which said “Celebrities to wed soon”. The next line said “Sai Sai Kham Hlaing”. There was a line after his name but I didn’t see it at first and saw the first two lines only and said to myself, “OML”. I quickly flipped inside and read the interviews and saw nothing about any wedding. Then I realized that the issue is a ‘wedding special’ so they put the couple in wedding customs and interviewed them. I was tricked again lol..the first time was when I read about a autographing ceremony by a famous actress and a traditional dancer. It read they will ‘sign the vcds’ but I read ‘they are signing (which meant they signed the wedding papers).

The celebrity who is really getting married is He’ Lay and Linn Linn. Linn Linn is a friend of mine from the computer class I attended 7 years ago. I met him also there ‘cuz he always go there to meet his girlfriend. It’s been a long time I met her but still I’m glad to hear that they are getting married :).

If you are interested in reading about fashion and entertainment or if you are planning to getting married, you might want to check this issue out (if you are in Myanmar).


One thought on “Celebrities to wed soon

  1. Tell me what have you been doing? Teaching English? Since I started reading you post, I have been addicted to Korean Movies now. Thanks to YouTube and other available websites I have been enjoying the K Movies. By the way keep up with your post.

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