Lighting Festival at Kandawgyi

Although I was clueless about what to do for Thadingyut, I saw an advertisement in the newspaper to come and celebrate the lighting festival at Kandawgyi. I was thrilled as I could participate in lighting the oil lamp as offertory.

I didn’t have anyone else to go with so I asked my sister to come along, persuading her by saying that she can take photos. My brother tagged along also as he had nothing to do. It rained in the afternoon and I was afraid that my evening will get spoiled. There is a rumor that if you get touch with the rain on the 14th this month, you will get sick. I know it’s ridiculous and I don’t believe in it at all. Luckily, the rain stopped and the sky cleared up so I was able to go to Kandawgyi.

The beautiful lake at sunset

It was around 5pm when I arrived at Kandawgyi. At usual, we went to the gate near Tarmwe 1 school as the bus stop was nearer. From there, I walked to the viewing deck. I passed the little island where we used to have gatherings and it was crowded as there was some kind of event for kids there. I noticed a lot of kids at the park. Maybe it’s due to Ovaltine event near the Karaweik.

Kid playing on the deck with lantern trolley

From the viewing the deck, I enjoyed the view watching the sunset. The lighting event didn’t take place even after 6 pm and I was getting hungry so we walked back to the restaurants. I had Thai style fried rice and Tom Yum Soup. The food were nice but the prices are expensive. My brother commented that we got expensive mouth as he rather would have eat Mohingar which would have cost lesser. I feel bad that my sister paid for half of the bill and she told me to buy her dvds instead of paying the money back. I will do that when I get the chance to go to China Town.

Oil lamps lit with lights

After dinner, we walked back to the viewing deck. By that time, the lighting has been lit but I noticed that only the staffs from the park were doing it while the rest of the people just walk without even glancing at the beautiful lights. It was really crowded that day probably due to IC Show at Hmay Sin Island. The lighting were beautiful but it made me feel empty ‘cuz they couldn’t compete the electric lights present at the park.

The beautiful fireworks on the lake

We stayed for about half an hour at the deck enjoying the beautiful lights and watching people shooting fireworks in the sky. Some of them were even putting small hot air balloons in the sky.

We left around 7:30 pm and took the bus to Tarmwe first. Immediately, I noticed a street which was lit up with so many oil lamps. It just made me very happy to see them and know that there are some people left who still kept with the traditions. Even at my house, we didn’t even light up the house with candles ‘cuz my mother bought some electric lights and said it was easier to decorate the house with it.

It was a nice evening and I wonder if I’ll stay be going out like this next year. Will I always be going out with my siblings all the time? I didn’t even have any friends to go with. Is that how I’m going to spend the rest of my life?

I must admit that I had been watching 9 End 2 Outs drama and I had been affected by Soo Ae’s character from the drama. šŸ˜€

credit pics to dawn1o9


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