Ye’ Lay First Live Concert DVD

First of all, the dvd menu sucks, I mean really sucks. The font styles are so unattractive and when I clicked on the bonus feature, I didn’t know that Crazy for 10 Seconds mtv was included after I Don’t Know performance until I watched it using the computer.

I had been present at the concert so I had already know what to expect in the dvd. However, I was a little far from the stage so I didn’t get to check out the dance steps clearly at that time. I thought the dance styles were really cool back then but when I watched on the dvd, I was a little disappointed to see them copying some moves from “Brand New”. Okay, maybe other dancers also shake their butt like them but those red and black skirts were a dead giveaway. Anyone who have seen Brand New performances will immediately recognize them. They wore the same dresses at 10 Seconds show but that time, the dance steps were different so I didn’t notice it at all.

The director did a good job in concealing that annoying freak who came up on stage to tie a flower on Ye’ Lay’s hand. Luckily she came up at the start of the song so she wasn’t included in the show at all. I really hate those freaks who come up on stage to give flowers to the singers with no sense of whether he/she is interrupting the singer at all.

In the special features, there are bonus features which include I Don’t Know and Crazy for 10 seconds mtv, interviews with fans before and after the concert, interview with Chan Aye Win, Zay Yar (Uranium) and Ye’ Lay. I haven’t really watch them yet as I just skip them. There is also making of the concert and the 10 seconds mtv, Ye’ Lay and his brother Joker presented domino game using cd covers. The brothers don’t look alike that much. That last one is a photo slideshow which I didn’t bother to watch.

There was a big surprise for me in the bonus feature as I suddenly noticed my ex-student on stage along with Ye’ Lay. I didn’t know who he was at that time of the concert but I liked their performance a lot. I almost didn’t recognize him at first ‘cuz he looked a lot younger back then. Now he had grown taller. I also noticed a lot of familiar faces who were shouting for his name as they were his teachers. I am really happy to see him on stage performing so well so this performance has become my favorite from the dvd. I have even ripped out the mp3. It’s a little noisy but you can download from here.

Ye’ Lay – I Don’t Know

Truthfully, I had nothing to say for this concert. I have to say the concert was great but I can’t say the same thing for the dvd even through it’s the same thing. I knew I would be disappointed with the lack of a real full length live concert but it’s not all that bad. However, I like the special features so it’s still a dvd worth buying.


3 thoughts on “Ye’ Lay First Live Concert DVD

  1. Hello!
    If you don’t mind , may I know who you are?
    Did you work as a private teacher ? Cos’ you have written that the young boy who was singing “I don’t know ” song was your ex-student.
    I was just wondering that I knew you or not.

  2. for me, there is a big suprise why ye lay excluded his best friend, yatha, who is also same family firecracker with him, in the show. I am not quite sure whether yatha refused to be in or due to some other problems… cuz i was hopping Firecracker apperance there.

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