Bag Theft

My morning classes has started again after 2 week vacation and our group had to discuss together on some topics and turn in an assignment later on. I had decided not to do assignments on my own anymore. I will only find the necessary information and make other people write them instead.

With that thought in mind, I went to the library this morning after class. As usual, I had to turn in my bag at the counter and they gave me a number card. I asked whether I can carry my pink zipper bag which contained only my books and a pencil case. They said I could so I put that number card in that zipper bag. When I went into the library, a guy in white came and told me to leave that bag outside and if I need anything, I should go outside to take it out. I had to put my zipper bag on a wooden stand where other people also had put their belongings such as books, dictionary, lunch boxes, etc. Those bring umbrellas had to put them in a large vase nearby.

Truthfully, I was pissed off at that time. I was tired to having out learn out all these so many rules by myself without anyone explaining to me beforehand. If I hadn’t ask, I wouldn’t have know that I can only take out 2 books at a time. And just a few days ago, I was unable to checkout books ‘cuz it was after 3 pm. I took out my card, my wallet, a piece of paper and a pen from the zipper bag and left it outside. It didn’t take me that long to find the books I wanted. I think I was inside for around 5 minutes.

When I came back outside, I took my zipper bag and looked inside for the number card. No matter how I had searched, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I know I had forgotten to take it with me, being furious at that time. I went to the security gate and told me that I lost the card. They told me to go and find it again ‘cuz they wouldn’t give out anything without the card. I went inside again, placing the zipper bags and my books that I had checked out on that wooden stand again. I know that I couldn’t carry them inside again unless I want to check them in. Nobody told me this but I have to started to find out things on my own. I went back to the bookshelves to find it but of course it wasn’t there since I didn’t even bring it there in the first place.

Finally, I went back to the gate and explained my situation. I was told to come inside and they explained to me that since I didn’t have any number card, I can only pick up my bag after 4pm since they don’t want anybody else taking things which don’t belong to them. I was told to look for my bag and leave my name with them. I described my bag while desperately trying to find it among many bags piled upon one another but couldn’t find it at all. A guard said to me, “Don’t you even remember your own bag?.” I was too upset at that time so I only described my bag again but now I’m wondering whether there was another intended meaning to that question.

A lady guard hearing my description then said someone had picked up a bag similar to mine. She was thinking it was weird ‘cuz it was a guy picking up a woman’s bag. That’s whens I have finally realized that my bag was stolen after all. Someone had intentionally take out the number card from my zipper bag and picked up the bag. The same guard who asked me the questions asked me what was inside. He wrote down my name, id no, address and ph. no in a book and told me that they will call me if they can find it. When I arrived home, I told my mother and she called them. She was told off by a man who claimed that I had lost the card in the library and it wasn’t stolen from the zipper bag.

Although there wasn’t anything valuable like money, hand phone (if I ever have one), they probably didn’t think much about it. I am starting to feel that I am being looked down ‘cuz I don’t look like anyone from a high class. I don’t wear expensive clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc so my bag was of no value to them. Actually, my sister bought that bag in Indonesia and there was also a green keychain of a mask figure at the top. I put it there ‘cuz I luv unique designs. Inside, there were notebook, umbrella, flashlight, address book, compact mirror with a small comb, Parker ball pen, keychain with keys, Revlon lip-gloss and Maybelline lipstick. For a person who rarely wear cosmetic, those lip-gloss and lipstick were the only things I liked using the most. Also, my circle shaped keychain was of value to me as it was given by the lunch lady from my elementary school for helping her out at lunch times.

I do admit my mistake for not keeping the card with me but why wasn’t there any guard near the wooden stand at all. I don’t know if there’s a camera nearby. Even so, anyone can take anything place on that stand and leave as there is no one there to guard them at all. Now I am afraid to place anything on that stand due to the lack of security.

Whoever that stole my bag, he has to be a member at the center. Otherwise, he won’t be able to get in at all. The receptionist told my mother on the phone that others have lost things like cell phones after losing their cards like me. I know I won’t get my bag back but still I really want it back. I just want my bag with my notebook and my circle shaped keychain. I know nobody will give back those expensive cosmetics anyway.

I want to warn anyone going there to not bring anything of value with them. It’s better to go there empty handed, taking only your wallet and card with you. Right now, I don’t even want to go back there again but I still have to return the books that I have borrow.


4 thoughts on “Bag Theft

  1. The place where members’ bags are kept should be manned and guarded constantly throughout open hours. Hopefully there was a CCTV camera patrolling that area; then you have a fair chance of getting your stuff back if you can convince the management to check the footage.

    And yes, such number tags are best kept in pockets, not purses. It’s one hell of a headache if you lose them.

  2. There’s no CCTV camera. They said they are not an embassy so cameras are not needed. I went there a few days ago and saw that someone had lost some books from that so-called bookshelf. Poor guy/girl. No damn security to watch over our belongings at all.

  3. It’s sad to lose one’s personal belongings no matter how expensive they are or not, don’t get back the memories associated with them. hope you got them back. For me, those lost things will get stuck in my head for a long time..hard to bear it.

  4. “Cameras are not needed”. What kind of person is shameless enough to say that after several thefts have happened in the same spot? What disgusting arrogance…

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