Korean Film Festival 2008 in Yangon

The Korean Embassy hosted Korean Film Festival 2008 at Thamada Cinema a few days ago. “Le Grand Chef”, “Hello/Goodbye Little Brother” and “My Love” were shown twice during the festival. Ever since I heard the news, I had been dying to watch Le Grand Chef. I had always wanted to watch Korean movies at the cinemas but I never got the chance to until now. I actually went to the embassy for three days until I got the tickets on Friday morning. I managed to get a ticket for “Le Grand Chef” and 2 couple ticket for “Hello/Goodbye Little Brother”. I also wanted to watch the last film but I didn’t want to seem so greedy and beside I bought the dvd a long time ago although I didn’t have time to watch it.

The movie was supposed to start at 6:30 pm on Friday but it didn’t start until around 7pm due to the speeches given by the ambassador, the representative from the Myanmar Motion Film. As they spoke in English, the announcer also had to translate them into Myanmar for others to understand and that wasted a lot of time. I was getting impatient and it didn’t improve my mood when I heard a famous actress mispronouncing “Annyong Seyo” before saying how she like Korean films and how she thank her Korean cosmetic sponsor. The others were pretty much the same and boring but at least they weren’t advertising the brand like her. I like Yadanar Pone’s greetings among all of them. Pretty much to the point, she said she like Korean actors, there was a loud applause from the audience and then added that she also like Korean actresses. Well, we all do, of course lol.

“Le Grand Chef” is about a young talented chef who quitted his profession after a tragedy happened during a contest to head a world-class restaurant. He retired to a small rural town with his grandfather and lived in peace working as a farmer and selling vegetables. When a nationwide cooking competition took place, he entered to competed against his long-time rival. There, he faced stiff competition but he managed to get through all of them. At last, he and his rival are the only one left in the contest. They were asked to cook a beef soup which was famous for making the king cried after Japanese invaded Korea. No one knows that recipe except for his grandfather and he left that recipe with his grandson without telling him about it directly.

On Sunday, I skipped the meeting with my friends to work on an assignment and went to watch the second movie with my sister. It was the first time I had sat at the couple seat and it sure is comfortable. Too bad the tickets are expensive and I have nobody else to watch movies with :(.

This movies is about brotherly love. Most people assumed that it’s just a kid movie but it’s really different from what they had imagined. I knew it’s related to cancer and might be a tear-jerker but seeing the poster of the young boy made me wanted to watch it. The storyline is – Nine year old Hani (I think it’s Hani but the pamphlet is written as Han yi) is a troublemaker who isn’t afraid of anything. A precious punk, his school friends are all his underlings and even his family members are under his control. He especially considers his elder brother, Han Byul, who often complains of being sick, his greatest target. Until one fateful day, Han Byul collapses at home and is rushed to the emergency room and the worst nightmare for any parents becomes a reality – he is diagnosed with cancer. The film is based on a true story.

It’s really touching and I must admit that I cried sometimes during the movie. At first, I assumed that Han Byul was going to die in the movie but I didn’t expect that someone else will die. It’s really was sad when he said goodbye to him before passing away, and thus we got the title of the movie. I love all the kids in the movie esp Hani. He’s just so darn cute. I especially like the part when he danced to Rain’s Running Away from the Sun to make his mom smile when she was being frustrated over the hospital bills.

Ref: The Myanmar Times, 2008 Korean Film Festival phamphlet


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