Big Bang – Remember Review

I had actually been looking forward to Big Bang’s second album for such a long time. Instead, they had only released only 3 mini-albums. Now that they have finally released the album, I can’t help saying that I was disappointed with it. When they first released, I didn’t like “Lie” that much at first but after a couple of listening, that song became addicted. But at least there were still other songs related to hip-hop and pop. I was never a big fan of House/Electronic in the first place but that didn’t stop me from liking all of their songs. The last mini-album, “Stand Up”, is the only album where I didn’t listen to all of the songs and chose to listen to “Haru Haru” and “Oh My Friend” only most of the times. I was already a bit tired to House/Electronic and I wanted to listen to songs that are related to hip-hop.

But instead, I just more House/Electronic again :(. There are 11 tracks but if you exclude the intro and the three remixes of Haru Haru, Lie and Last Farewell, there are only 7 new songs. I must say again that I am not a big fan of remixes. They sound pretty much the same to me except the background music.

So far, the only song that catches my ears is “Sunset Glow”. That song is a remake of another song which had been coved by Shinwa before. I had never heard the original version but I’ve loved it ever since I heard Shinhwa’s version.

Perhaps, by a couple of weeks, I might actally start to like the rest of the songs. That has happened to me a couple of times already with so many albums I didn’t like during my first time listening.


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