GSM Phones

When I first heard that SIM cards are going to be sold in Myanmar at cheaper price, I was at first delighted with the news. But after reading the news article which describes the terms & conditions and call charges, I rather not have one at all. Normally, a SIM card costs around 1,500,000 Kyats equivalent to $1,250 (suppose that 1 dollar is equivalent to Kyat 1200). I’m not quite sure about the call charges but I think it’s 25 kyats per minute and it’s the same price for sending a SMS. Now, this new SIM card have 2 kinds, a 10 FEC card lasts for 14 days and another card which costs 20 FEC will last for a month. You don’t get a permanent number and will have to apply for another one each month. What really sucks is that incoming calls are charged to the user along with outgoing calls and SMS. Who ever heard of charging for just receiving a phone call? Incoming calls are charged 0.05 FEC per min, local outgoing calls are charged 0.30 per min and oversea calls to any countries are charged 1.50 FEC per min. SMS is cheaper than calling since it’s only 0.05 FEC but it’s still more expensive than MPT service. And wait, I haven’t even mention that the card will expire automatically even when you haven’t used up to 14 days / a month. Now you can see why I’m not enthusiastic about this.

This kind of cards are suitable only for the elites who can spent a lot of money and foreigners who like to have a mobile phone while traveling around the country. I guess foreigners will think it’s pretty cheap to use them but as for me, Just receiving a call will cost 60 kyats per min and local calls will cost 360 kyats per min. I can’t spent that amount of money.


4 thoughts on “GSM Phones

  1. just wanna let you know that in US, incoming calls are charged in cell phone, but most of the time they gave you a lot of min. in a month so if you don’t go over, you don’t have to pay.

  2. Buying Just a SIM is already super expensive.. I don’t think the foreigners will buy the SIM for $1250 while it’s about $30 in their country.. :D..No way that i could own a cell phone..

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