Thanlyin/National Villages

My sister was going to Thanlyin with her colleagues and I tagged along as I was bored at home. Besides, it’s been years since I’ve been to Thanlyin. The last time I went was on a trip beyond Kyauktan Ye’ Lae Pagoda. I still remember the boat trip back from the village. The funny thing was a few weeks before I went to the village, I went there with a couple of friends from work. Originally, we intended to just go to the zoo but we got bored and decided to go to Kyauktan. We were lucky to catch the bus back home but still my mother found out ‘cuz there was an acquaintance on the bus who recognized us. So much for sneaking off lol

Anyway, we left home after 9:30 am and was at Kyauktan after 10 am. We had to take a ferry across to the pagoda. Normally, it only costed 150 kyats per person but the manager rented the boat so that the ferryman will pick us up after we finished sightseeing around the pagoda. The pagoda was packed with people. I guess this was how Buddhists celebrate Christmas, by going to pagodas on their holiday. Some of them were sitting around the zat yats and started to have lunch with the food they packed from home. I couldn’t stand the smell of food so I had to get away from them. Before going back to the shore, we fed the fish with popcorns. They aren’t like the popcorns you eat but fish do like them. Feeding fish is good but I wish people will throw trash into the trash bins instead of leaving them around. I once read in an article that the trash bins are always full so people couldn’t throw their trash but I guess they didn’t wait long enough to see a young boy carrying a bamboo broom and pushing the plastic bags down to leave more space in the bins. I guess he would take out the trash later when it get really full.

Afterward, we went straight to Kyaikkhauk Pagoda. Again, the pagoda was crowded and most of the families were having lunches. I wanted to enjoy the view but had to get away from the food. It would have been better if there weren’t so many people. I really don’t like crowds.

After having lunch at a restaurant, we went to National Villages. It’s a small village with house replicas of a couple of well known races. We only went inside the Shan house and after seeing that it was mainly used as a place for girls to change into national costumes, I didn’t want to go inside any other houses. Costumes can be rented for 500 kyats. The Shan costumes looked pretty but I was more interested in the Lisu costume. I wanted to try it on but I didn’t think my sister’s colleagues are patient enough to wait for me. Perhaps, I’ll try it on and take photos the next I go to the village. At the Kachin section, there were a lot of girls dressed in Kachin costumes taking photos with the replica of the ice mountain. My sister commented that it looked more like a man mountain instead of an ice mountain.

National Village is probably a good place to visit during the morning and evenings but it’s just too hot in the afternoon. I got weary after being in the sun for a long time that I didn’t even want to look around anymore. The last place we visited was the Tower and we left the village afterward


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