Looking back at the Year 2008

At the start of the new year, I was at doubt about my future. I thought I had my chance again when I took the PSA exam but once again, I failed and I have decided never to take it again. My big break came after April in which I got the job as an assistant teacher. Even through it lasted for three months only, I got a lot of experiences and I found that I enjoy teaching. I wanted to be a better teacher so I attended a diploma course. While I attend the class in the mornings, I can tutor kids during my free times.

At the morning class, I made new friends especially with the ones in my group. I had only wanted to help but I don’t want to be taken advantages of by people who don’t exert efforts in what they are supposed to do. I kept telling myself that I will never do works for others again but still I am still doing them. Sometimes, I thought about ignoring the assignments and presentations but if I do that, I would be the only one suffering from low grades ‘cuz I need them as they would help me get in to MA. I got into a university who’s entrance exam is claimed to be difficult but I had to drop out ‘cuz I couldn’t attend it on time. I get lot of remarks from people who say it’s such a waste but I don’t think it was.

Beside the above events, nothing much has changed with me. I still like watching Korean dramas but now I watch American series more ‘cuz they are quit addicting and I didn’t have to bother with subtitles. It was hard for me to cope with not being able to access the internet all the time but now I can finally deal with it. I used to bother my sister and my friends to download songs and videos for me and I still did until a couple of weeks ago.

Now I have changed my taste in music and I am no longer that much interested in mainstream pop music. I prefer listening to Korean Indies so I am starting to collect a few albums. I also started to like Han Htun. He’s the only Myanmar artist I listen to nowadays. I don’t know what’s about him that make me like him so much even through I hate copy music.


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