Lessons Learnt from The Exam

I didn’t blog lately ‘cuz right after I came back, I visited my friend and she told me that it’s okay to be come to the English Diploma class late in the morning. She should have told me earlier. Now I had to apply for medical leave since I missed 11 days. So I had been pretty busy with both diploma classes. One good thing was I had finally found an excuse to stop tutoring on weekdays ‘cuz it’s just too tiring to go to her house after school. I also had to study for the exam so I decided not to come online (except to check mails) until I’ve finished the exam. Now, I’ve finished taking my exam and it’s really exhausting, having to write for 3 hours straight on both Monday and Tuesday.

Lessons learnt from this semester’s exam
1. Study ahead.
2. Not to cram any lessons at the last minute.
3. Prepare notes ahead.
4. Write the assignments properly using more reference from the textbook.
5. Not to watch/listen to Sunset Glow & Strong Baby before studying- they kept playing in my head all the time.
6. Nor to mess with the mp4 player – adding videos & songs while I’m supposed to be studying.

Now I can finally relax and focus on the other diploma course. I had learnt a lot from the exam to study ahead so I am planning to study at least Linguistic ahead ‘cuz it’s my least favorite subject and I barely understand it.

During my free time, I’ve decided to watch back some kdramas before watching any other new dramas. And this week, I’ll go to the cinema to watch movie featuring Chit Thu Wai. I had been looking forward to watch it ever since it was filmed. According to the reviews, it’s not so bad although the reviewer couldn’t see the character through her actings.

I also have to write about my trip to Mandalay. The last time I went to Shan State, I was so lazy to blog and as a result, I had started to forgotten about it.


One thought on “Lessons Learnt from The Exam

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