February 14th YKKO

Why do I write February 14 instead of Valentine’s Day? Well, the reason is because I boycott Valentine’s Day. People celebrate it with their lovers and friends in honor of love but I see it as a day where people spent and others gained money for buying/selling cards, flowers, chocolates, gifts, etc. Those who want to get married on this day had to book at hotels and restaurants months ahead and some couldn’t even get the dates. There’s more on my mind but I can’t express them in English.

You might think that I have a grudge against this day ‘cuz I have no one to spend it with but even if I did, I wouldn’t cry and get mad at him for not giving me anything for valentine. As I said above, I don’t really care about this day so I see it as a day where people make a fuss about nothing. I don’t mean to offend anyone but it’s my opinion.

Back to YKKO, in case you don’t know it stands for Yan Kin Kyay Oh, so it’s a restaurant that sells kyay oh, sie chet, soups and barbeque. There are many branches all over the city but we chose the one at Myay Ni Gone for easier transportation. The ones that came that day are singles and one married couple. The rest are either gone over to Mandalay for the wedding ceremony or have other engagements. One person did came and appeared for about one minute but disappeared after we asked him to bring his girlfriend upstairs. He said she got sick so we have to understand that it’s probably valentine sickness 😛

I ordered pork arr puu shar puu as soon as I arrived at the table. Ten mins later, the waiter came and told me to order something else so I ordered fish bowl soup. I had to wait another 20-30 mins for my order to arrive. As soon as he came, I asked him to bring me a fork since I don’t know how to use a chopstick but it didn’t come at all. I asked almost all the waiters who appeared near the table and they all said they will bring it but I had to stick to eating with the spoon. Finally, the fork did appear but it was dirty so I had to wipe with tissue. Maybe next time, I should just learn how to use a chopstick but waiters tend to ignore my requests when I ask for forks. I don’t like being given dirty and dented spoons and forks.

The soup is delicious but I got a heartburn afterward. I knew that I would get a heartburn but there wasn’t any other food to choose. I had eaten most of the food on the menu and they were never good experiences. The last time I was at YKKO, I ordered sie chet and it was too salty for me. If I complain, they think I’m just making a fuss. So I had decided to boycott it but since the meetings are made at the restaurant, either I had to order or sit on an empty stomach while others are eating.

Sorry for my late post. I was too busy to come online and post them.


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