Birthday Show

Today is Sai Sai’s birthday. There’s a birthday show at Hmaw Si Kyun of course. I heard on the radio interview that he was planning to give away 500 tickets as part of the lucky draw program on April 1, the day in which his fifth album was released, at Blazon. And the other 500 tickets will be on sale for 5000 kyats. At first, I thought about going to the concert but my sister wasn’t interested and she’s busy tonight anyway. And also, I wasn’t really all that interested especially after listening to his latest album. My sister bought it a couple of days ago but I didn’t get to listen to it fullly until yesterday ‘cuz I was just too busy watching tv series and listening to Twilight audiobook. Let me tell you, listening to the love story of Bella and Edward is so much better than his album. I don’t really know to express my current views toward his album without criticizing him so I’ll stop now.

My friend called me this morning to ask me whether I’m interested in going to the concert. He said he will give me free tickets. Thanks a lot but if he had called me last year, I might have been more interested in going. This year, after going to Ye’ Lay free birthday show, I have set up my mind to not go to any concerts at all ‘cuz I’m just not concert material. I get pissed when I hear people saying bad things about Ye’ Lay and other singers. If they don’t like them in the first place, why bother coming. Plus, I hate seeing drunk men at concerts. They totally ruined the whole concert mood. And also, people pls get your filthy feets off the stage. I felt sorry that Ye’ Lay couldn’t perform on the lower stage due to them although it suited me better ‘cuz I could see him fully without jumping to my feet.

Anyway, happy birthday Sai Sai. Can’t believe he’s 30 today.


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