Past Thingyan

Thingyan…It used to mean a lot to me when I was younger. I really don’t remember how I spent my Thingyan before I was 10. I think I had stick around home and throw water to passersby. I was away from the country afterward and I didn’t come back until a couple of years later.

2000 – I joined my neighbors and gathered near a big road and threw bucket of waters to passing cars. I had my share of fun but it was when I first witnessed the cruelty of Thingyan. I was jeered, mocked and even worse, thrown with whiskey by males from the cars. I was shocked but I still went back there the next day ‘cuz I didn’t want to miss all the fun.

2001 – My family and I went to Mawlamyaing. We stayed at our cousin’s place and do some pilgrimage touring while splashed with water on the way. I really enjoyed the trip to Ka Toe, my mother’s home village. From Ka Toe, we walked a mile to the next village with our cousins and on the way, I was hiding behind my cousin so that I don’t get Thanakhar on my face. It must be a tradition of the villagers to put Thanakhar on people’ faces instead of splashing them with water.

2002 – I don’t remember much but I think I was outside my house again, splashing water to passing cars.

2003 – We put up some water tanks in front of my house and splashed water at the passing cars. We invited our friend KKM to visit us and she fell in love with my brother’s friend (KYP). (They got married a couple of years later and I still wish that they didn’t get married)

2004 – This is a memorable year for me ‘cuz I spent most of my days outdoor in a truck with my colleagues. I got to go around the city and for free ‘cuz my boss was paying for all charges :). I even had to invite my friends to come with me ‘cuz there wasn’t any other girls on board except for me and my sister. I spent one afternoon stuck in traffic on University Avenue and didn’t get wet the whole day. At least, I got to stare at my favorite actor MMK for 2 hours as his car was also stuck in the traffic jam. But since he was MMK, people were nice enough to made space for him to allow him to make a u-turn and get out of the jam.

2005 – We got back from Bangkok in time for Thingyan. Actually, I wasn’t in any mood to enjoy it at all and watching the love couple (KKM+KYP) made me sick so I stayed inside most of the times. My mother said that I wasn’t acting like a good host to our guest KKM so I had to go out and play.

2006 – I stayed indoors and watched Wonderful Life drama while trying to ignore the blare of speakers my brother had opened. It was the year Thaxa Soe’s Yaw Ta Ma Hmway came out and I had wished I didn’t buy that CD ‘cuz I got so sick of it after listening to it being repeated over and over again.

2007 – We went to Shan State this time and it was one of the most horrible trip I have ever been to. I was sick for two days and I wished I was back home instead of riding in the car. I would have enjoyed the trip if it was taken during another time. I never wanted to go on another trip during Thingyan. What I really loved about the trip was the night in Kalaw. It was the most peaceful night as I lay in bed, listening to classical music played on violins. Also, I like the Padonmar restaurant from Kalaw very much. Everything I ate at that restaurant tasted so good and the food aren’t that expensive at all. I wish I were back there drinking chicken kar lar thar soup.

2008 – I stayed indoor except when our family went to Bago. My father was keen on taking photos and I had shared them at my blog before. It was pretty boring for me and I only wanted to go home instead of getting water splashed on me all the time.


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