Why I Dislike Thingyan

I spent most of my days reading The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkiens and The New Moon by Stepheine Meyer and watching movies and dramas. I was more interested in what’s happening with Biblo and was waiting for Edward to reappear in the story rather than spend my times outdoors. Beside, nobody is playing with water on our road except on the last day. It was pretty quiet except for the jeering, whooping, shouting, etc made males on passing cars. My family went out on the last day and asked me to come along but I decided to stay home instead. They said I’ll miss everything and I had to tell them several times that I was absolutely not interested in participating in Thingyan events.

I don’t hate Thingyan. I love the concept of Thingyan – the whole throwing water on each other to wash away sins and get ready for the new year thing. But I really wonder if we are washing away old sins or creating new ones during the festival. All these jeering, whopping, shouting, yelling, getting drunk, smoking pots, etc are surely sins. I don’t mind being thrown by water buckets but I hate being thrown water from tin cars which hurts a lot. I am pretty sure that those little punks who use them is only thinking of hurting people and I don’t appreciate being called names by little kids They just imitate whatever they hear and eventually they will grow up to become those brainless, reckless, inconsiderate people.

Some guys from the mandats use big pipes and try to drown the girls in the cars with water. Some sick perverts will take advantage of the girls while they are hiding beneath their towels, slipping their hands to you know what places. And of course, most of the guys on the cars are drunk so there are also high chances of getting into fights. My friend told me once that her mandat got stoned so she had to ran away into the boat club nearby but the owner of the boat club, who is a famous sailor around our age, tried to kick the people out. What a display of Myanmar hospitality.

Some of my friends pay tons of money to sit on Thingyan mandats. I see that as a pure waste of money ‘cuz what’s so fun about it. Sure, people sit there, girls dress in tank tops, short pants will dance to whatever music that is being played while the opposite sex from the cars will jeer at them. But these girls are pretty drunk so they probably won’t care. Another friend has also told me what she had witnessed while being stuck in traffic jams. She saw some guys taking the shirt off a girl while the girl was too drunk to know what’s happening to her. She and her friends were shaking with anger from what they had witnessed but they couldn’t do anything ‘cuz they didn’t want to risk getting in a fight. I didn’t ask for further details from her as I was sick with what I had heard. I have heard other tales from other friends but of course since they are guys, their versions are different from what I hear from girls. They seem to enjoy seeing girls who barely have clothes on so I didn’t bother to listen for details.

Another reason for avoiding to go out this year is ‘cuz I won’t be able to escape the Thingyan music played on mandats. I do not hate traditional Thingyan music at all and I never get tired to listening to them but I absolutely hate other type of Thingyan junk music – those copy songs with crappy lyrics. I didn’t hate them so much until last year when I wasted my money on piratedThingyan vcds. So, this year I didn’t buy a single Thingyan vcd at all. I only saw Jenny singing a copy song of BabyVOX on MRTV4, wearing a purple mini skirt over purple tights. Gosh, when will people grown out of those horrible color tights. It’s like living in the 80s.

The only thing I really regret is not getting to watch Thingyan Moe movie on TV. I must have missed it ‘cuz I didn’t get to read the TV announcements in the newspapers, which didn’t come to our house at all. Our newspaper postman went missing right after Thingyan started. I could only listen to the OST instead :(. I wished I had downloaded from the internet when I had the chance. It’s just not Thingyan without Thingyan Moe. All I saw on TV was this ridiculous Thingyan video with an actor who only wore expensive shirts even when he had amnesia and was living with some villagers. He changed his shirt daily, never donning the plaid shirts wore by his poor savior. I lost interest immediately and went back to listening to my mp4 player.


5 thoughts on “Why I Dislike Thingyan

  1. Yeah I don’t miss the obscenity that comes with Thingyan. What I missed is the innocent fun I had while growing up an even in my teenage years when things were not as out of hands or maybe I was just too innocent to notice them. I saw some pictures of Mandalay thingyan from a blog and I was blown away at how dirty it has become. Before, you can probably count with one hand the skimpy clothing but now…well, you know how it is more than me.

    I’d say New Moon and Hobbit are way better than witnessing molestations and date rape. I love both books; and I am a Jacob person so New Moon rocks 🙂

    Have a great New Year.

  2. Mingalar nit thit par!

    Sad to note how Thingyan has ‘evolved’ (actually, more like a revoluttion against good old days of innocent fun). If there are places with original (old-fashioned?) Thingyan celebrations, I’ll visit when I come to Myanmar again.

  3. Happy New Year sis!
    I also stayed at home during Thingyan, since there nothing much here in Nay Pyi Taw. But I saw alot of drunken motorcyclists trying to ride the bike on one wheel, without helmets, not to mention it is also raining. I wonder if they are still alive.

  4. “I love the concept of Thingyan – the whole throwing water on each other to wash away sins and get ready for the new year thing. But I really wonder if we are washing away old sins or creating new ones during the festival. All these jeering, whopping, shouting, yelling, getting drunk, smoking pots, etc are surely sins.”

    Wow, what an eloquent way of putting it! I never thought of it that way. My mom says the same thing about Thingyan, that when we was a girl, there were way too many perverts out there to have any fun. I guess times never change…

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