Do you believe in astrology? I am not really enthusiastic about it but sometimes I like to know about my future. But so far, the few astrologers I have visited didn’t give me enough reasons to believe in them. Some can’t even predict about my past and they said that I have never been abroad. So yeah, why should I believe them?

A couple of years ago, I went to see a fortune teller ‘cuz he was pretty famous. I went with my sister and friend and waited five hours in that apartment which stank of cat pees. When I get to my turn, he said he can’t sense anything about me. He was able to predict the future for my friend and my sister but not for me. So again, I didn’t want to bother with astrology, palm reading ,etc at all.

Last year, I went to see two astrologers ‘cuz my mother wanted to know whether I would pass the exam or not. Both of them said that I wouldn’t and that’s the only thing right with their predictions. I never wanted to see another astrologer again but one came to our house and predict the future for me, free of charge, as he was a friend of my father. His prediction is true in some part but I have my doubts ‘cuz he probably already knew that I worked in computer industry and currently giving private tuitions. In his letter, he said I’ll work for NGO or some organization but not a teacher. It doesn’t fit my future goal so I don’t keep them in mind anymore.

Well now, I’ve just visited an astrologer whose home is located in the outskirts of the city. My brother went to see him first and he got pretty good results ‘cuz everything the astrologer has predicted was correct for him. In addition, the astrologer predicted that his second sister (me) will go abroad to study on a scholarship some time in the future. You can see that I got interested of course. I decided to go and see him with a couple of friends last Sunday.

I arrived at his home near 10 am but the astrologer wasn’t home. He didn’t get home until after 11:30 and I was eating lunch nearby at that time. I waited another 2 hours and my turn finally arrived. However, I was pretty disappointed ‘cuz he only predicted about my education and work, which I already knew since I have set my mind on getting a master degree in English and work as a teacher. He did mention about scholarship but only after I have asked whether I would get to go abroad to study. Compare to my other friends’ results, mine is the fewest. He also read my palms and drew something on my right hand while mumbling something to himself but he didn’t tell me anything. I guess it’s just my nature not to ask when someone doesn’t want to tell so again I didn’t bother to ask him.

I wonder whether I should have mentioned my birth place and birth time ‘cuz according to my few knowledge about astrology, the position of the constellation is different in each country. But then, it’s the astrologer’s job to ask for them and since he didn’t bother to ask about them, I didn’t want to offend him. After all, he was speaking nonstop about my education and future career, which didn’t surprised me at all.

So, I guess it’s just me ‘cuz I’m always unlucky with meeting astrologers.


One thought on “Astrology

  1. Even in my case, I have met through my parents , friends and finally watching TV -got few …all have predicted different for me..except i should be in job not business..irony no one came even closer to tell one prediction correct…except my childhood..

    for career so called golden period started this year…..hehe..recession started this year…lucky till date..

    But still I believe, as for few of my friends they have benefited a lot. Some people say most astrologers specialize on main planets like jup,sat,dhead etc for particular houses….so they miss the picture when they find a unique horoscope ….

    hopefully you are not among one…i am still figuring out mine….

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