Out of Touch

The main reason for not blogging lately, if not due to the fact that I didn’t want to spend money on internet fees, is that I was sick for a few days. I didn’t really know what happened to me. I have no fever or anything but I couldn’t stand the wind, even in this hot weather. It must either be the rain or the mango. Now, although I’m better, I still have not appetite for meals. I only rather eat other things like hot and spicy stuffs.

Even through I was sick, it didn’t stop me from watching tv and reading e-books. I have finished all four books of the Twilight saga now. Now I want to read the books in print so I went to the library the other day and put my name on the waiting list. I can only request for one book at a time and I’m on number thirteen. Great…counting two weeks per person, I’ll be able to read the first book by August. Then, I’ll have to put my name on the waiting list for the rest of the books.

So I came back home with Pride and Prejudice and another book by werewolves. I have been forcing myself to appreciate English literature and so far, I’m trying my best not to skip any pages ‘cuz the story is starting to bored me. The other book has more actions but I already read half of it and flipped to the end so it’s not that much interesting for me. Sometimes I think IY Library was much better than this one. It may not have so many books but at least it has a lot of books by authors I recognize.

Anyway, I have decided to come online more often, maybe just to spend an hour about three times a week just to catch up on things. I don’t like having to depend on local news journals for news which my sister considered as unimportant. Well, JJH wasn’t her second favorite actor anyway so she didn’t bother to tell me anything and I have to find out about it a week later from a local news journal. It’s not really important but still I really did like him a lot and I still do even though he turned out to be a bad person. I guess it’s because I always liked him for his characters’ roles in the dramas than what he was outside.


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