Submitted to Hospital

So it was the first day of June and I thought the university was open again but it didn’t. It opened a day later. So I attended school on the 2nd day and on that night, I got sick and was submitted to a hospital. I stayed there for a day and a half and even then, I wasn’t feeling better. I was no longer vomitting but my stomatch was still sick. However, I wanted to get out of the hospital so I lied about my bathroom trips and was allowed to leave early. I had to be put 7 drips during my stay at the hospital and another one more at the clinic near my house.

I only got better on Saturday morning after I stopped taking the medicine from the clinic. One of the medicine made me very sick and I kept vomitting air. I don’t know what’s better…vomitting food or vomitting air/gas.

Not that I’m happy about it but at least now I know how it’s like to stay at a hospital. Most of the doctors are pretty young and they are always around except at night like 2pm (when I arrived at the hospital but they came to take care of me right away).  I was placed in a temporary bed made out of wood, full of bedbugs and I didn’t get a proper bed until the next afternoon. Even then, it was in an open space ward, no privacy. I could barely sleep on the first night and on the second night, I tried my best to sleep while trying to ignore the vomitting sounds from the next ward. Thank god my mother brought my mp4 player to the hospital. At least I could listen to Boys Over Flower OST while I was resting.

Okay…gotta go now…Time for my tution class. I’ll try to blog more since I’ll be able to come online more often.


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