The Devil in My Hands

Although I was disappointed with “Flash”, at least I watched a better Myanmar movie the next day. This movie is based on a thriller by Ta Doe Tay Za which is loosely (or closely?) translated from “Say Cheese and Die” by R.L. Stine. Although the original novel is similar to the foreign novel, the movie is a lot different from the plot in the story. The director only took a few ideas from the novel and created his own story.

The director and scriptwriter is Nyo Min Lwin. He is famous for his other Myanmar thriller movies but I have never seen them before. The lead casts are Htun Htun and May Kabyar. It’s not a love story and the story rotates around a group of friend who waste their times at MIT Park (previously MICT Park) during when they aren’t attending their computer classes. Htun Htun was challenged by two classmates, who he don’t get along with, to go to the famous haunted house and take something from the house. So, he and his friends decided to go there at night (instead of during daytime) and went around the places showing only their feet and flashlights to the audience.

Htun Htun found a Polaroid camera from a cupboard and took it with him. Things didn’t turn out well afterward ever since he took it. Whenever he took a picture with the camera, something bad always happens as the pictures always show what’s gonna happen in the future. In the end, he decided to take it back to the house after his friend disappeared. However, the ghost won’t let him do that and it told him his story while HH was unconscious. What he has decided to do with it afterward is the ending.

I rarely watched Myanmar thriller movies ‘cuz they are usually more funny instead of being scary. I have to say I was a bit scared, 10 percent scared, while watching this movie. It was creepy to watch the ghost standing at the back of Htun Htun but after he started talking, he became as scary as Voldemort was in the Harry Potter movies. The movie is too noisy when the people are speaking at the same times but sometimes I couldn’t hear anything. Was the sound removed on purpose?

Note: I meant to post this earlier but I wasn’t able to log on to wordpress at that time.


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