25th Birthday

I’m 25 today and I feel older than I was a year ago (of course). Compared to last year, I have no permanent job but I have got the chance to attend two diploma classes and I can look forward to getting a master degree in English now. I never would have thought that I will have a chance since my grades from UDE were extremely low. And now, I get a salary which is higher than my previous job and it is less tiring also. Of course, I have to find books and read ahead. I think I spend more time on doing my homework for my tuition than for my diploma class. I barely study unless there’s a tutorial.

Nothing much happens today. Just the same old Monday Blue. I didn’t feel like doing anything except to go back home and read books. My sister got me (not exactly but I asked for them) an early birthday present, which are Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. I’m only missing the last book, Breaking Dawn. She also bought DVD sets of Meteror Garden I & II and Boys Over Flower. Talk about F4 craziness. But I can’t watch MG I & II as there’s no English subs. I doubt that I can find the subs online.


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