Weeks of Misfortunes

These past two weeks were really misfortune for our family. The third week concerned with my sister but her misfortunes made us all worried. Finally, when all things starting to get well for her, my grandmother passed away. Three days later, we had her funeral. It was my second time going to the funeral. My first time was when my manger’s mother died. I have never met her before but I felt really sad thinking of how my friend, the manager, was feeling and I was closed to tear. So, I didn’t even got up to view the corpse before it was taken away. This time, I sat in the first row near the corpse and while looking at her corpse, I tried to think good things she has done to me and I started crying. It was ironic. I wasn’t even feeling like crying but for me, crying is contagious. If I hear other people crying, I also felt like crying myself and I had a hard time controlling myself.

Anyway, after the funeral we are having ‘yat lae’ on Sunday. It’s the day when we offer alm food to the monks on the seventh day of her death. I was planning to celebrate my birthday party a day early but now I can only celebrate 7 days later in July, instead of in June.

Just when all the misfortunes seem to have rested, another thing happened. My uncle got into a car accident while driving our car. Luckily, no one was hurt but the compensation has to be paid and our car needs to be fixed also. The total amount is pretty high, it’s four months of my current salary and I get paid well.

I hope that the misfortunes will not continue anymore.


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