It’s the word I’ve been familiar with ever since I wrote an essay about in sixth grade. Even before then, I knew about what it was before I learn that word. Why? It’s not difficult for an Asian girl who didn’t know English to learn all about it while attending schools with black people. Thankfully, I’ve mostly forgotten about how I was mistreated in school before. But I still remember one incident in which one of my classmate and her friends followed us to a convenience store near my house. They not only made rude remarks to us but one of them spitted on my friend’s hair. We were more shocked and angry at the same time but we didn’t do anything back at them. It’s ironic but later on, that classmate started talking to me without making fun of me. So I guess that’s when she started to accept me.

My junior high school days were better because my classmates or half of them were nicer. That’s probably because they get to copy homework from me. Basically, they just leave me alone, the way I like it. I mostly hang out with my Asian friends and one Caucasian friend.

So, because of my experience in school, I always try not to be prejudice toward people especially those who are from different races, skin colors, and religions. Still, it makes me sad to see people being prejudice against one another. So what if the most famous singer in Myanmar is an Indian or a Chinese (just literally saying)? I remember the time when a few years ago people used to argue about whether a famous rapper is a Muslim or not. The truth is I don’t care at all. I may or may not like that person but that doesn’t mean I worship them on the top of my head. (Sorry, this refers to the abused comments made to me by a certain person who I can’t talk back to)

What I’m really trying to say is that we should try to consider other people’s feelings before judging them based on their appearance.


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