Never judge a book by its cover

What prompted me to write under this topic is a remark made by my friend. She said, “You don’t look like you could tell jokes.” She was referring to the comments I made about a teacher. Well, that got me thinking. “Is it why I wasn’t chosen at the interview?” Most people just see me as a quiet girl with thick glasses who don’t socialize much and is always reading books. I think they will be shocked if they know my thoughts. I know that I don’t think like most people and I have become pretty much of a cynic.

A year ago, when I was attending another diploma course, I was put into a group with seven girls (but one girl dropped out later on so there were only six girl left). The professor looked at us and pick two girls as group leaders. She said that I looked like a quiet girl and I wasn’t active enough to be a leader. I wasn’t sad and offended because I didn’t want to carry out the duties. But it’s just ironic that I did most of the paper works. I had become afraid of group works ever since then.

Anyway, I’ve mentioned before that I lack skills in socializing with people. People think I’m lonley and sometimes I am. But as I’ve written before, I have my own reasons for being an anti-social. However, now I’m trying to improve myself by paying more attention to people (even when I’m not interested in their gossips).

Perhaps, it’s the character of a Cancer born, If I don’t want to speak, I won’t say a word but if I’m in the mood, you’d better watch out ‘cuz I’m a Friday born, In Myanmar, Friday borns are marked as talkative people. If any other person who was born on the other days are quite talkative, we’d say “Were you born on the wrong day?”


One thought on “Never judge a book by its cover

  1. I think you are an introvert or introverted. That doesn’t mean you are shy. I am an introvert too and enjoy being alone and need to be alone sometime to recharge.

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