2NE1 is either pronounced as “21” or “To Anyone”. I think the later is used more frequently.

As kpop fans already know, 2NE1 is the a girlband from YG Entertainment. Their first single, “Lollipop”, was a collaboration with Big Bang and it was an immediate hit indeed. Some say that it was due to Big Bang’s popularity for the success of the song and not because 2NE1 has talents. So, they have proven that they can stand on their own by releasing “Fire” single. Now, they have released their first mini-album and using the second track, “I Don’t Care” to promote their album.

Among the four members in the group, CL (Lee Chae Rin) is the leader of the group although she’s only 18, younger than Dara and Bom. She mainly sings raps but also sings vocal. Truthfully, I disliked her rapping at first. I thought it sounded similar to rapping from Brown Eyed Girls and Jewelry, but later I got used to her.

Bom (Park Bom) has already featured in other albums with Big Bang, Lexy, etc. She was supposed to released her own album, but later she became a member of 2NE1. She’s already 25 now, the same age as me, and she sings the lead vocals.

Dara (Sandara Park) received her first fame when she was in Gummy’s “I’m Sorry” video with T.O.P. Many fans were jealous that she got a kissing scene with T.O.P and now she is in another video with Lee Minho. She’s 24 now and some people says that she can’t sing. Well, I think her voice is fine and she has recently released a digital single, “Kiss”, featuring CL. I like her the most in the group because she looks so cute especially when she puts her hair up, like in “Lollipop” music video.

The last member, Minzy (Gong Minji) is only 15 now. Can you believe that? She sure didn’t look like 15 at all ‘cuz her voice doesn’t sound childish. In fact, I prefer her rapping over CL. She also sings vocal.

01 Fire
This is my second favorite song. There are two versions of the music videos, space version and street version. I like the space version better.

02 I Don’t Care
Currently, Sony ATV has accused the writers of this song for plagiarizing Lionel Richie’s “Just Go” song. I don’t want to discuss about it right now.
I heard the remixed version of I Don’t Care before listening to this version so this one sounds slower for me. But still I like it.

03 In the Club
Hmm.. Mariah Carey’s song sounded like the intro of this song, but I am not going to argue about who is right and wrong.

04 Let’s Go Party
Let’s go Party. Work that body are pretty catchy lines from this upbeat song.

05 Pretty Boy

06 Stay Together

07 Lollipop feat. Big Bang
I love this song so much. Perhaps it’s due to Big Bang also. The music video is so colorful and makes me want to eat lollipops. Perhaps, that’s the intention lolz. I love Dar’s hairstyle in the music video. She looks so out of this world.

ref: wikipedia.org
credit pic: http://2ne1gallery.multiply.com/


5 thoughts on “2NE1

  1. This is fascinating to me as I am so clueless about this world. Makes me want to look up to see what their songs are like, especially lollipop! They all look very cute although I thought one of them was a boy at first and was confused when I saw you described them as a girl band..lol. Thanks for the review, very well done.

  2. I heard this song “I don’t care” in K-new drama called “Smile, You”. I know you are K-Drama Queen so just want to let you know. This new serie is really good.

  3. HAK> Thanks for the info. I’ve checked out the drama via Google and it’s like 50 episodes. I don’t have that kind of patience for dramas over 24 episodes. Also, I don’t deserve the title ‘k-drama queen’ since I am losing track of the dramas. Now, I’m just watching ‘Love & Marriage’ which came out last year. It has already been aired on MWD, but I didn’t want to watch from TV and I was too caught up with exams, then American tv-series to check it out until now.

  4. Some how I got hook on K-Drama like any other Burmese.ha ha ha.. I only watch over interent and have to wait until someone add an English Sub. So have you try to sit for foreign service exam again? anyway Good luck with your exams. American Series are not so interesting these days. If you like comedy try to watch “Glee”. Take care ..

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