School’s Over

It has been six days since I took the oral exam on last Friday. The written exam were finished on Thursday. I think I did well on most of the exams, but even I have trouble answering number IV questions on the Listening exam. Thankfully, I think I did good on the Speaking exam with which marks from the oral exam are to be added. Last semester, I was panicking a little about the last subject because I had another exam on that same day but thankfully, this semester’s exam is much easier. I was already finished by 3 o’ clock, an hour earlier than usual.

Now that the diploma course has finished, I’ll not be able to meet with my friends on weekdays like I used to. Our only way of keeping touch is to check out each other’s profiles on Facebook and maybe I should poke them once in a while. (Speaking of poke, I read in an article of this man who said if anyone ever poke him in real life, he would punch him.)

Before the exam was over, I kept thinking over what I would do after it’s finished and I had so many things to do. But so far six days have passed and I haven’t done much yet, except to write a review of GD and 2NE1 albums. I did managed to finish my first kpop DVD project which isn’t really much. WL asked me to burn her kpop videos and this time I said I’ll do that on DVD. It was easier than done. It actually took me a really really long time to actually finish it as I wasn’t familiar with the Nero Vision Express. But now, I know that I should combine videos into titles and then, create chapters to link to the actual videos instead of creating titles for each 69 videos. Well, I still have to listen to that video training on using Adobe Encore as I want to learn how to edit subtitles to DVDs, to replace improper English subtitles with the good one.

I also have to renew my membership at AC but even so, I still haven’t finished the books I’ve borrowed from a friend. And, instead of finishing them, I’m currently reading “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown. My brother has already bought it for us, but he still hasn’t send it to us from SG. Since I’m impatient to wait, I’m reading the ebook first. I don’t feel guilty ‘cuz I’ll get the original book in hand probably by the end of the month. Also, I have to re-read the Twilight saga.

I also have to finish watching “4400” series as I had borrowed it from K.W ever since my birthday party. Huh.. I have so many things to do, but instead I just spend my days waking up late and then watching movies and kpop videos.

I’m planning to place an ad in the classified section of a news journal to seek for a new tuition job but I wonder if I’ll get a new one since I’m unavailable for four evenings a week. Even if I got another tutor job, I don’t want to be another homework helper. Oh, well.. I’ll at least have to get a job first. I dislike wasting my times like this at home. It’s like taking my talents away and I become more lazier by the days.

Currently listening to Taru’s first album. I will write a review about her later.


One thought on “School’s Over

  1. kg tal
    ဆက္ပီးၾကိဳးစားပါ ဆက္ပီးအားေပးေနမယ္


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