Ye’ Lay – Third Rhyme

Sorry about the photo. I could only find this on his website. Btw, his website should have at least a proper album cover on the site.

Ye’ Lay’s third album, “Third Rhyme”, was released on September 25. I wasn’t enthused about it, but still I wanted to check it out and I like to post a review about it immediately after its release. However, as you can see, my review is five days late ‘cuz I wasn’t in the mood. I’ll talk about the album cover first.

When I checked out the album, I was disappointed with the cd cover. it’s not even fit to be called a CD cover as it was just made of cardboard. The CD was jammed in the cardboard and it took a while for my sister to take it out. Why couldn’t they just give us a real CD cover, for god’s sake? I swear, this whole idea with cardboard as CD covers was started by Sai Sai and now Ye’ Lay is also following his ideas. How are we supposed to keep their CDs and DVDs in good conditions if they keep putting them in cardboard covers. I don’t care that Ye’ Lay included a lyrics book, a poster and a sticker ‘cuz they don’t matter to me. Well, I’ve quite passed the age of getting exciting over posters and stickers. If he really wants to give these extra gifts, he could have either put them inside the CD cover or outside and cover the whole CD with a plastic cover. Did we have to pay 1900 kyats just for those ‘gifts’?

There are 14 songs in the album which is a lot of songs to listen and so many featuring artists also. I have already heard a couple of the songs from the album at Ye’ Lay’s birthday show on last January. It’s amazing that I was so into “Bar Sarr Hmar Lal Ah Ko” at that time, but now I’m no longer in the same mood. Perhaps, I haven’t given my full attention to this album but they all sounds pretty much typical for me. Some of the music are similar to his older songs.

One thing for sure, my music taste has completely changed. It kept changing over time. I would have been happy with this album a year and a half ago. Nine months ago, I was so into Korean Indies and I only wanted to listen to Indie artists. I still like them, but not I’m back to enjoying the typical mainstream Kpop.

01 Arr Lone A Tu Tu (feat. Joker)
I don’t like this song. It sounds so typical as I have always hear this kind of music as the intro songs in other hip-hop albums.

02 Ngar Bar Mah Ma Thi (feat Jenny)
I like this song, but Jenny’s voice sounds artificial, like it has been edited.

03 Koe Yat Kwat Lat
A pop ballad that suited Ye’ Lay’s smooth voice.

04 Bar Sarr Hmar Lal Ah Ko (feat. Htain Win)
This is actually intended for Thingyan, but it wasn’t included in any Thingyan albums. I keep thinking there’s another meaning in “What Will You Eat, Brother”.

05 Doe Han Yaut A Kyaung (feat. Thar Gyi)
So similar to 10 Seconds or Sai Sai’s songs from Every Golly.

06 One Two One Two (feat. Joker)
Just listen to the music intro and you’ll know it’s another Ye’ Lay song

07 Ma Hnote Sat Chin Buu (feat. Eaint Chit)
A duet with Eaint Chit. Pop lovers would love this but for me, it’s gonna take awhile for me to listen without skipping to the next track.

08 Kaung Ka Lay Ka Kaung Ma Lay Ko (feat. Izzani)
Again, pop lovers would love this. At least, I might listen to this more as I like Izzani’s voice.

09 Ma Hote Ya Par Buu (feat. Htain Win)
The only song that caught my full attention ‘cuz It’s so funny. It’s about the gossips about him appearing in photos and videos.

10 Yoe Myay Kya
Another pop song……

11 Min Nae’ Pyaw Chn Loh
Another song that caught my attention, perhaps it’s the r&b melody….

12 Nat Tha Mee (feat. Izzani)
Izzani’s voice sounds artificial. It doesn’t even sounds like him 😦

13 Ta Yaut Ta Myo (feat. Ah Boy)
You know, if Ah Boy is going to sing in Chinese song, shouldn’t there be a translation in the lyrics book? Gosh, we are not Chinese. But still, a really nice r&b & hip-hop song. I’ve already heard this at his concert also.

14 Ma Hnot Sat Chin Buu (feat. Hlawn Paing, Eaint Chit, bobby soxer (Htet Htet))
I prefer this version especially the girl rapping. Much better than the typical pop ballad.

I am not writing this review just to diss him. I’m sure that other fans will like his songs. It’s just ironic that we (my sister and I) always buy original albums, vcds, and DVDs, but we rarely listen or watch them and yet those who actually like them don’t spend as much money was we do since they only buy pirated copies.

Btw, Moe Moe’s vcd is coming out on October 4th. I am going to buy it also since I really like his songs. I wonder how “Vampire” music video will be like. It’ll be cool if he dresses like a vampire with red and black cape and have those fangs on his teeth.

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  1. ေျပာျပလိုက္စမ္း ကို naylwin ကိုရဲေလး သီခ်င္းေတြ ေတာ္ေတာ္ ေကာင္းတာကို

  2. ကိုရဲေလးရဲ.ထာ၀ရပရ ိတ္သတ္ပါကိုရဲေလးသီခ်င္းေတြကိုအကုန္ၾကိဳက္ပါတယ္

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