Wolf Night Zero Hour

There is this quiz program about Myanmar videos on Myawaddy TV. In this program, small portions from different videos are displayed and the participants have to guess the correct video titles. Although I don’t watch the program regularly, I sometimes watch it so I can know what new videos have come out and whether some are worth watching. My mother said that if we were to ever participate in that program, we would surely lose as we hardly watch Myanmar videos. Which is why I try to keep myself up to date by watching the latest Myanmar videos, but it’s really difficult to choose the right one. Most of the the times, I choose the video based on the director’s name and then I see whether my least favorites celebrities are in it or not. And since I dislike most celebrities, it’s really difficult for me to choose a video.

And yesterday, I was fooled by choosing to rent this video called “Wolf Night Zero Hour”. The video cover attracted me and I thought it was going to be a werewolf movie. Also, even though I didn’t see the director’s name, I saw Nyo Min Lwin’s name as the lead actor and assumed that he wrote the script and also directed the movie, but unfortunately, he only acted in the film.

The story plot is……

Nyo Min Lwin, Thar Nyi, and Zwe Naing Win came to some mountainous part of Shan State to take photos in the forest. A group of botany major students also camped near the forest to study the plants for their theses. Nawaratt and Aye Myat Thu are part of the student group. Their teacher gave instructions to stay in their groups, to listen to their leaders, and to stay away from restricted areas. But somehow, the two girls went alone in the forest with their Pajero. When they couldn’t drive further, they left the car and trekked into the forest. They ran into Nyo Myin Lwin and his friends on the way. And then, they were captured and taken to a place where the bad guys tied everyone up, but beat up Nyo Min Lwin only. Why did they only beat him up? I have no idea, but maybe it’s because he dressed up like Indiana Jones.

Later, the leader gave them some weapons and their backpacks and told them that they have only one hour before they are hunted by him and his men. Somehow, the leader is quite rich enough to set up surveillance cameras all over the forest to keep track of his preys. Also, he has a pet wolf (which is an animated one btw) who feeds on humans. He had some blood samples taken from his preys before he set them loose so he dropped the blood on his pet’s cage and set the wolf loose. So, he and his men along with the wolf hunt down the preys who never seemed to be able to get out of the forest.

Well, you got to hand it to them. Our Myanmar script writers and directors surely know how to create unrealistic movies. For me, watching Supernatural TV series (which I’m addicted to btw) is more scarier and exciting than this.

I like Nyo Min Lwin and his directing but in this movie, why does he have to dress up like Indiana Jones? If the hat and the jacket wasn’t enough, he was given a pair of ropes to sling on his shoulders later on the in movie.

And as you can see in the above film, the lead actress has mistaken camping with a picnic trip by dressing inappropriately to go trekking in a forest where there are plenty of mosquitoes, leeches, and many bugs. (If I were her, I would never wear black clothing ‘cuz dark clothing attracts more mosquitoes than lighter colors.) Aye Myat Thu is dressed more appropriately than her. Don’t mistake her with the tank top. She wears another layer of clothing later on when she’s in the forest.

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘mind over matter’? Well, the actress sure knows how to handle her mind over her pains after her arm was shot, but she was able to move her arms freely to weep when her friend got killed. Just amazing, isn’t it?


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