Book Buffet

If you are wondering about my title, I didn’t make it up. It’s an event from a bookstore that sells international books which are mostly in English. I saw in an advertisement that there was going be a book buffet where you have to pay for the bags and then you get to put as much as books as you want in the bags as much as it can hold. The event started yesterday and I arrived at the bookstore at Merchant Road around 9:30 a.m with my sister. We were directed upstairs where I see piles of children books in the first room and neatly arranged fictions in the small room. I saw a lot of books by famous authors but I wasn’t sure whether I should buy the bag until I saw books by Michael Crichton, who btw is my favorite science-fiction writer. I went back downstairs and bought a bag which was 12″x10″x3″ for 10,000 kyats. Larger sized bags are sold at 20,000 kyats.

We stuffed the bags with as much as books as it can fill without limiting the top so in the end, we have eleven books in total. One of them was hard-covered so it took a lot of space. I might have been able to get more books if it was just a paperback.
I’m lazy so I’ll just copy from my sister’s blog.

This is the book bag. My mother was amazed that we got so many books in one bag and it took her a couple of times to put them all together without over-spilling lolz.

Here’s a list of books that I’ve bought (or brought would be more appropriate since I only paid for the bags and not the books).

Michael Crichton – Prey (hard-covered)
Michael Crichton – State of Fear
Michael Crichton – Sphere
Meg Cabot – Princess In Love
C.S Lewis – The Last Battle
Nicholas Sparks – The Notebook
Michael Connelly – City of Bones
John Grisham – The King of Torts
Jack Higgins – The White House Connection
Robert Ludlum – The Bourne Legacy
Ken Follett – The Pillars of the Earth
(The last three were not my choice as my sister likes those authors.)

So, we came downstairs and started looking around the fiction corner on the ground floor when someone asked us whether we were going to buy anything else. We told him that we were just looking around, but I suddenly started to feel as I was unwanted. Can’t I just look around without anyone asking me whether I’m going to buy anything ?

Anyway, the book buffet event will continue until this Sunday so if anyone in Yangon or Mandalay is interested in buying some English books, you might want to check it out. However, I suggest that those people in Yangon might want to go to the other bookshop at Alone Township as I’ve bought most of the good books from the Merchant Road branch :D. Well, just like my sister said, early bird gets the worm.

credit pic: dawn_1o9@xanga


3 thoughts on “Book Buffet

  1. I am glad that you girls had a chance to buy good books at discount. When I was growing up, we had very limited english books and we were not encourage to read them either. Ken Follett’s book is quite heavy to read (but this is an old book of his which republished and get popular this time). But all are fund to read. I bought Dan Brown’s Deception point at 1/2 price store and still have not started yet… Happy reading.

  2. I have all books by Dan Brown but it’s been awhile since I read them again. I’m not really a big fan of Ken Follett. I don’t like spy stories that much. I prefer mysteries and historical thrillers.

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