Meeting with the Ghosts

I know the title sounds lame but it was more impressive in the Myanmar language. This is actually a video I watched a week ago, but I haven’t been able to blog about it until now as I was too caught up watching American tv series.

It’s one of the few ghost/supernatural videos/movies that had been filmed earlier before newer ghost/supernatural movies are banned. According to the article I read in the journal, the interviewer said that there were too many unrealistic things in those videos that didn’t make logical sense at all so they had to put a stop to it. I’m not really a big fan of Myanmar ghost videos, but such kind of rules just kills creativity which most videos already lack in the first place.

Okay, I’ll stop being off topic. Now, back to the topic, this movie was directed by Director Mg Myo Min. When I first saw the preview, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it, but I didn’t expect myself to become interested in the movie.

The story plot is….

Moe Yan had a car accident and he ended up in a forest in the middle of nowhere at night. He saw Little Red Riding Hood, I meant Sandy and was taken to her house which was a really splendid house which was somehow built in the middle of nowhere. He was introduced to her family which includes the parents, the brother Eain Eain, and the little sister Yoon. He was given a room that looked like a creepy nursery and was told not to leave the room during the night no matter what he hears. He left the house the next day, but couldn’t find his way out so he ended up at the pretty house again. On the third day, the parents left the house, leaving a note for Moe Yan to take care of the family while they are gone. But, Moe Yan couldn’t stay as his mother was about to give birth at the hospital and he was worried about her. After begging for help, Eain Eain gave him a map to find his way out of the forest. However, instead of getting out, he met a couple who were led to the house by Eain Eain. The map was useless and so he ended up at the house again. He was pretty suspicious of the family, especially after find the mother hiding in the attic. One day (I lost track of the days), he saw Eain Eain leave the house, holding a blue notebook which Moe Yan was told not to touch. He followed the kid into a wooden house and took the book after he left. When he opened the book, he found out that the three children were born between the 1950s and the 1960s

I read that this video was Moe Yan Zun’s first video. I didn’t expect him to be good at acting at all, but he surprised me because he was not like other new actors who I can’t stand. I won’t name them since some of you might be their fans.

Chit Thu Wai is a little creepy when she smiles like that. I only didn’t like her when she started talking in those not so creepy ‘I’m a ghost so I talk words by words’ voice in the wooden house.

When Eain Eain is acting angry, he acts like a psycho kid. He doesn’t freak me out, but he gets on my nerves when he speaks like an adult, but then again he was supposed to be older than Moe Yan according to the story.

This cutie pie name is Aye Mya Phyu. Isn’t she just adorable?

Also, the story is a little confusing. In one of the scenes, there was this woman with long hair that came out of the attic and grabbed Moe Yan’s hand. I wonder who that woman was? Was it Than Than Soe, the runaway mother? But then again, why would she behave like acting out a scene from The Grudge when she wasn’t a ghost or a killer ghost? Yes, that scene was so The Grudge.

Since it’s a ghost movie, I accept that the plot is unrealistic. But does that include the facts that they live in the middle of nowhere in a grand house with full electricity, TV, refrigerator, etc? If the ghosts were dead long before the 1970s, how is it possible that they watch Tom & Jerry all the time on TV? If they had live in such a remote place, they probably wouldn’t have even heard of Tom & Jerry. But then again, it is unrealistic after all. Just like when Moe Yan’s sister knew the date when Sandy and her siblings died when Sandy didn’t tell him. She only said one day, not the date. Maybe Moe Yan had ESP with the ghosts :P.


6 thoughts on “Meeting with the Ghosts

  1. I watched that movie while visiting to Myanmar. Frankly, I didn’t like it all and the story made funny to watch rather than scaring of watching. First of all, The setting and decoration .. all are so shine like high-society house (I don’t mean all ghost movies have similar scary decorations) but what I want to say is all should make scary. They wanted to react with the action of anger but the female ghosts are so kind to the actor. πŸ™‚ Again .. Actor seemed old enough and his mother “May Thinzar Oo” having pregnant and waiting his return home. That makes so funny again to have a mother having pregnant at the old age. The sequences and framing (shots) are not synchronized each other and showing randomly. The most surprising thing is having a good electricity in the forest. I stopped here now because all scene make me fun to criticize. Thanks for reading.

  2. I don’t believe this. This movie is copied from “Hansel and Gretel”. I have that movie, but I still haven’t watch it yet. And I thought people are trying or attempting to be creative. 😦

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