A Tragic Event at a Hospital

A few days ago, my friend forwarded me a news article via email and it was about a teenage girl who died in a hospital. She was submitted to a private hospital on October 25. The doctor told her mother that the girl was suffering from appendicitis and she needed to go under operation. The mother allowed the operation to go under although she wasn’t sure whether her daughter can be operated under low blood pressure. After the operation, the doctor showed the mother what he had cut from the appendix and she suspected that something was wrong because she also had gone under appendicitis operation before. The girl couldn’t get a room immediately after the operation so she had to wait in another room, suffering from pain and the reckless noise like drillings in the hospital’s walls. The noise didn’t stop until after several complaints from the mother.

Finally, she got the room and was still suffering from pain. The doctor who operated on the patient didn’t come to see her until noon the next day. On the next day, the mother asked another doctor, who is a heart specialist, to treat their daughter and he tried his best to treat her, but she died fifty minutes later. The girl’s father, who was away on a trip, couldn’t arrive in time to see his daughter before she died.

What really happened was that the girl was suffering from dengue fever, but the doctor diagnosed it as appendicitis and performed an operation which led to her death. The parents still had to foot the hospital bill which was over 1,100,000 kyats.

The article ends here, but I read in another journal that the journalists couldn’t get the chance to meet with hospital administrators. So, it was difficult for them to write the article without hearing from the other side.

I am really sad that such kind of thing happened to this girl. In our country, insurance isn’t popular so not many people (including me) have medical insurance. Even if they do, they won’t receive much anyway. As for now, if I ever get sick and need to be submitted to a hospital, I would definitely choose government hospitals. I learnt from my experience that although the hospitals may be shabby and not much hygienic, the doctors are always around (or most of the times) to take care of the patients. In private hospitals, the fees are expensive and the specialists aren’t always around to take care of the patients. They can only come when they have finished their duties at the government hospitals, so it’s up to the nurses to take care of the patients.

Besides, the services aren’t always that great in private hospitals. A couple of months ago, I went to the above mentioned hospital to see a specialist. I just had a few coughs, but my mother overreacted and made me see a specialist. The doctor was supposed to arrive around 4pm, but we waited thirty minutes outside the room and the doctor still hadn’t arrived yet. We were the only people waiting outside so my mother got suspicious. She went to talk to the receptionist and was told that the doctor was on leave and another doctor will see the patients. The other patients must have know that their doctor was out of town while we weren’t told anything. I told my mother that I don’t want to pay a lot of money to see a doctor who wasn’t even listed in the hospital’s brochure. And we left and never went back there again. It could have saved us a lot of trouble if the receptionist could have told us that the doctor was unavailable in the first place when we made the appointment.

Source: The Snapshot Journal Vol2 No.60


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