Why I Hate Going to the Cinemas

Last Saturday, I went to the Naypyitaw Cinema with my sister to see “2012”. We barely made it on time since ‘someone’ was late as usual. So instead of getting 1200 kyats tickets, we had to buy 1400 kyats tickets. It’s actually not bad, and we got to sit in the B row near the couple seats in the back rows. I don’t know about the lower deck, but most of the seats in the upper deck were nearly full.

The movie was great, but I was too angry to enjoy it fully. I’ll tell you why. First of all, the guy next to me kept sipping his cola or something. I kept glancing at him to check whether he was chewing betel nuts (I absolutely can’t stand the smell of betel nuts), but thankfully he’s not although I can smell it in the air. Or maybe it was the smell of sunflower seeds. It’s just the morning show so it shouldn’t have smelt that bad. (Why can’t they use air fresheners like Thanmada Cinema did during the opening night of the Korean Film Festival last year?) The kid in front of me kept making noises like dropping things on the floor. A few aisles away, I can hear a kid talking and a baby crying occasionally. When the actions scenes are not showing, people started talking to each other. They don’t even bother to whisper at all. It especially annoyed me when the actors in the film are whispering ‘cuz I couldn’t hear them at all.

It isn’t the first time that I have been in these kind of situations so they didn’t bother as much the couple sitting on the front row corner. The girl really pissed me off because she started playing her mp4 player while in the middle of the movie. Instead of using a headphone, she increased the volume from the built-in speaker and kept showing the videos to her boyfriend while commenting about it. While I was silently cursing them, they left suddenly so I was really relieved, but to my dismay, they came back, with the girl still playing that damn mp4 player all the way she walked to her seat. She didn’t stop playing it until the movie was nearly ending. My sister and I couldn’t contain our anger and I was amazed that people sitting next to them didn’t say anything to them. There was no one around to report to them and I swear if they were sitting straight in front of me, I would have say something to them or at least kick their seats, pretending to look it like accidents. Even at home, I prefer to watch movies when no one is around, to escape constant interruptions and having to explain the plot to my mother. Sometimes, I would even pause the movie while my family is talking so that they will take a hint, but instead they get pissed at me for insulting them. Since I’m such a picky person, I hate going to the cinemas although I like to watch the latest films in the theaters.

When we came out of the cinema, I was so shocked to see so many people waiting outside. I have never seen the theater this crowded before. I’ve seen pictures of crowds waiting in line to watch popular Myanmar movies, but not a foreign movie. But then again, it’s a catastrophe movie so everyone is interested. The last time I was at the cinema, I watched “Public Enemies” and it was really peaceful. The seats were mostly empty and people didn’t talk that much.

Later, while sitting on the bus, I tried to remember the movie but all I could think about was that mp4 girl. I didn’t get to hear the dialogues clearly due to that stupid mp4 player, kid’s chattering, baby’s wailing, and whisperings or should I say chit-chatting. And then, there are those who couldn’t keep their mouth shut while they are watching, like “OMG, he’s going to die.”, “What will they do?”, etc. I guess I’ll have to wait for the DVD release to watch it again.

We especially chose to watch at 10:00 am in the morning to avoid the crowd, but I guess it’s difficult to avoid them when the film is so popular. Next time, I’m thinking of going to the movies on the weekdays, but it would be late when we get home if we watch at 6:30 pm and I don’t want to go alone at other times.

FYI, mp4 player is like an ipod, but much cheaper. You can listen to music, watch videos, take pictures, view photos, etc. It has built in speakers. I even have one, but I have never played it with speakers in public. JXD is the most popular brand in here which is imported from China.

Now back to the movie, I’ve been thinking. If the world is really going to end in 2012, which is better: drowning in water or falling into the volcano? I much prefer drowning although dying is quicker in the volcano. One thing for sure, I don’t want to live in California.


3 thoughts on “Why I Hate Going to the Cinemas

  1. Good story, I like that and I would annoyed by those kids as well. I have not seen this movie though as I was not so into this kind of destructive apocalyptic Si-fi. I want my world to be there when I get old.. ha ha ha. If there’s a subtitle in Burmese you may not get much disturbed. see you around

  2. Had to laugh at the last paragraph. I live in California, and I’ll take my chances with the earthquakes and volcanoes. Hopefully Los Angeles dies first, I hate that place.

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