Satisfied But Disappointed

It’s been nearly three months since I saw my friends and classmates from UFL. So I had been looking forward to the gathering which was held yesterday, on Kayin New Year Day. I’ve also created a group in Facebook for our class to stay in touch with each other.

I am not a early bird and I always sleep late in the mornings. So as usual, I was late when I left home. I decided to take a taxi when I couldn’t get on the bus and I was afraid that I would arrive late. When will I ever learn? As expected in most meetings I’ve attended, I was the first to arrive. Some of my classmates arrived around the appointed time, but aside from Ma SZO & SWM, none of my friends showed up. I know that KYW couldn’t come and she had called me, but I assumed that other friends would have come. I even burned a DVD for a friend since she likes Jonas Brothers and there was a performance that she might like. Also, I wanted to talk to another friend to borrow an English Speaking book from her.

All together, 12 people came to the meeting. Initially, I was hoping that we would go somewhere else like maybe Kandawgyi Park and chat with each other. We did get to chat, but it was mostly about school and the upcoming dinner that we are planning. We also talked about convocation. I wasn’t planning to attend it, but now I have to in order to get my diploma. I need it to apply for master degree and I don’t want to wait another year to receive it. Yeah, it sucks. I made the mistake for applying for not attending when I applied to get my diploma for ELTM. The clerk only told me about the waiting list after I had applied for it. Darn it, now I have to wait until the end of 2011 to get my diploma.


3 thoughts on “Satisfied But Disappointed

  1. So you don’t want to attend the diploma ceremony? That’s kind of weird, because in US all you would get at the ceremony was a piece of blank paper rollup and tied with a ribbon. Then you get your degree via mail or you can pick it up at the registrar. Well since you are attending take a nice picture and share with us. Good luck with your Master.

    • One reason I didn’t like graduation ceremony was due to the fact that I felt like I didn’t deserve it at all. I attended the distant education course for three years, copied all the assignment papers from Nyein Assignment Book, took tuition, and passed the exam. I barely know people from my year except for those who were from my tuition class. Also, I hate the idea of having to wear makeup, put on fancy clothing, do your hair, wear orchids on your hair stuffs that people are so obsessed about when it comes to graduation. I had put up with it for 2 days back in 2005 and I didn’t want to repeat the same situation again. But, now I’m going to attend this ceremony ‘cuz I knew all my classmates and I am planning to go there without dressing up.

  2. You should not guilty about it. You did what you have to do with circumstances in Burmese system. Plus you spend time and money. Going natural would be hip. Consider jasmine over orchid then… take picture and share you experience… good luck

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