MPop, Anyone?

In Asian pop culture, Korean pop is called Kpop, Japanese pop is called Jpop, and Chinese pop is called Cpop. So, one singer suggested that he wanted to create MPop in Myanmar.

When I first read that interview, the first thing that came to my mind was “Are we going to have to compete with Malaysia for that title?” because you know the domain url ‘’ was the second choice ‘cuz ‘’ was taken by Malaysia. And how about Mongolia? Will the word ‘MPop’ really represent Myanmar or should it be ‘MMPop’?

Well, forget about the whole world, and forget even about Asia, this whole ‘MPop’ thing won’t work well here unless it means copying off music and choreography from other Kpop, Jpop, and Cpop artists. Well, excuse me for being a pessimistic person, but my support for the music industry has been severely damaged over the past years. If a song becomes a hit in the country, it’s probably due to the creative works of the original music composer from the western and Asian countries. If I bought or downloaded a new album, you know what I do first? I listen to all the songs and try to recognize the originals. Most of the times, I just try to see how many Korean songs have been copied. Sometimes though in cases like Chan Chan’s “Yone Kyi Taw A Chit’, which is copied from Ayaka’s “I Believe”, if it sounds so good, you can forgive them for singing copy songs. We really need more people singing ballads in here. I love those sad Korean ballads by Lee Soo Young, Baek Ji Young, HowL, etc. And also, we need mid tempo music like SG Wannabe, V.O.S, SeeYa, etc here also. I just hope I can hear those kind of music without anyone copying them from Asian pop music.

Another thing I’m quite unsatisfied about is that a singer on my top celebrities hate list was chosen to represent our country. I can’t understand how such a person who copied songs by Celine Dion, Shakira, Evanescence and even Enrique got chosen while there are other talented singers to choose from.

By the way, do you know that we have our own Wonder Boys in our country? If you haven’t, you have to check out this boyband whose name starts with ‘A’. I won’t mention why I named them Wonder Boys ‘cuz I’m too embarrassed to write about it in English, but that video was pretty wacky and hilarious. If you dislike ‘A’, you might want to skip ‘E E’ and ‘S S’. Although I haven’t listen to ‘S S’ before, I watched her in a documentary on MRTV and saw her singing and dancing to ‘Nobody’. At least she was singing in Korean instead of singing it in Myanmar, but I am afraid to listen to her album. As for ‘E E’, I bought his first vcd just out of curiosity and it was really intolerable.

As for me, I’m pretty content with Kpop. There are so many songs to listen to, ranging from normal kpop, hip-hop, r&b, rock ballad, electronic, indies, etc. At the moment, I am pretty interested in ‘You’re Beautiful’ OST, A.N. Jell, F.T Island, and C.N Blue. When you hear songs like those in ‘You’re Beautiful’ drama, you forget all about Myanmar music. (Which is why I still haven’t write that review for City FM’s 7th Anniversary VCD although I’ve been meaning to.)


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