Will You View Music With A Narrow Mind?

An article in this week’s NOW! journal attracted my attention because it was about the dispute between different music types in Myanmar. The author has mentioned that her friends criticized her for liking more than one genre. I won’t recount what she has written and you can read for yourself at the end of this post. I tried to translate the article’s title in English so I know it’s a little awkward.

I like a lot of music genre, but I hardly listen to rock and punk music. When my siblings played Lay Phyu, Myo Gyi, Big Bag, etc, I just tuned myself out by listening to my mp3 player or going somewhere where the noise is lesser. Just because of the fact that I dislike those music doesn’t mean that I tell them to shut the music off like my father do when he’s annoyed with hip-hop. Sometimes though, there are songs by those bands that stuck with me, like that song ‘Cancer’ by Big Bag which used to kept playing in my mind all the times. Beside, it’s always better to release your stress with loud rock music when you are in a foul mood (like playing Antibiotic). I tried that with hip-hop and it didn’t work ‘cuz it made me more angry.

I have become unwilling to spend moneys on Myanmar albums, vcds, and dvds since I don’t know if they are worth buying anymore. I still haven’t buy Sai Sai’s dvd ‘cuz I didn’t want to spend 3000 kyats on it although I’ll be willing to spend the same amount on other kind of dvds with movies and dramas. They say the music industry is suffering from piracy so I try not to support pirated versions, but that doesn’t mean that I’m willing to buy the originals. Also, all those originals that we’ve bought over the past years are just standing on the shelves with dust since none of us have the time to listen nor watch them. If I had bought that Sai Sai’s dvd, I would probably only watch it for like 10 times and then there it will go on that shelf along with other dusty dvds and vcds. Even then, I’m planning to buy it at the end of the month.

Anyway, back to the topic, I agree with the author that if we really love music, we should have a broader view towards other music types. by giving respects those those who have created the music. Please do notice that I have used the verb ‘create’.

If you have no idea what I’ve just written above, just click on the images below and read.


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