Anti-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a celebration that has been adopted from the western culture. It is believed to be a day celebrated to honor Saint Valentine, but there is more than one Saint Valentine in history. According to Microsoft Encarta,

The holiday is believed to be derived from the ancient Roman feast of of Lupercalis (February 15), also called the Lupercalia. In an annual rite of fertility, eligible young men and women would be paired as couples through a town lottery. Briefly clad or naked men would then run through the town carrying the skins of newly sacrificed goats dipped in blood. The women of the town would present themselves to be gently slapped by the strips and marked by the blood to improve their chances of conceiving in the coming year.

If you consider that above history, it’s not so romantic, is it? What can be romantic about being slapped by goat skins and getting marked by the blood?

I heard from my friends that Valentine’s Day wasn’t popular in Myanmar until after 1997 due to the release of couple love songs dedicated to Valentine’s Day. Now, everywhere you go, you see those stupid Valentine’s Day special..blah blah blah.

I was first introduced to Valentine’s Day when I studied in the States. My teacher gave us some construction papers and we have to cut out pictures and paste them on the papers. I gave some to my friend and hang them around the living room. Some of my classmates gave me those small valentine cards with cartoon characters which said lines like “Be My Valentine.” Since that person was a girl, I was confused by why she wanted me to become her valentine, but since I was a kid, I just thought that it was a tradition like Christmas to give around cards. So I too bought some cards the next years and gave them to my friend. (I still have some of the cards with Sailor Moon characters since I collected anything related to Sailor Moon).

I never gave much thought to Valentine’s Day when I was younger. I only started becoming an anti after reading a post in Bagan Net forum which stated that valentine was nothing but a commercialized celebration. He really got me there and I started disliking valentine ever since.

Why do I hate valentine? It’s obvious, isn’t it? It’s a time when all those floral shops, greeting cards companies, gift shops, etc restart their scheme to rip money off from innocent lovers by brainwashing them to think that they need to buy/get roses, gifts, and chocolate on this day like it’s just won’t be Valentine’s Day without having to spend unnecessary money.

Is it really necessary to spend your money on this very day? What makes it so special from other ordinary day? Do you consider it a special day only because society made it so?

I came across some pretty interesting article concerned with a debate about whether Valentine’s Day is a commercial hype or romantic opportunity. If you are interested, you can click on the link here. If you disagree with ranting, you might want to read the opposite side’s version.


7 thoughts on “Anti-Valentine’s Day

  1. I am not single but I don’t put much thought into this day. It’s a day to remember/celebrate love, not just boy/girl love but any kind of love. But it should be that we should treat each other kindly and lovingly all year long, not just for one day. In fact I get angry if someone treats me bad or ignores me all year long and then gives me flower on Valentine’s Day or birthday.

  2. thanks for the debate link, Mady.
    IMO, it’s kind of a romantic opportunity and it’s getting commercial hype cos some people show off too much. and romantic people are getting rare in today’s fast pace world, i suppose. not being cheesy nor melodramatic but why can’t we have a day to have fun, thank the partner? yes, we do have the opportunity to love, care, appreciate our love ones every single day. and we also have the opportunity to show our love upon our fathers, mothers everyday, too. not only on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day.

  3. I agree you Mady.. I don’t like VDay. And I agree that this is not because of being single as I’m married and I’ve came across more than two relationships and flirts before my marriage. But I still don’t like VDay.. totally agree with you.
    Thanks for the link.

  4. I couldn’t have said it better. All the anti’s should band together and take a stand NOT to spend money on valentine’s day.

    And even if you weren’t single, would it change the facts about Valentine’s day?

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