The Uninvited

I’ve just watched the American remake of “A Tale of Two Sisters”. It’s has been a really long time since I have watched the Korean version and I think I’ve only seen it twice. I got it from a friend who burned them to VCDs for us.

I rented “The Uninvited” from the AC, not knowing that it was a remake. Even so, I wasn’t disappointed with the movie because the script is different from the original. The only thing was that I knew about the younger sister right from the beginning so it ruined the ending for me. I was afraid that the movie might be scary, but it’s not that much scary at all. I think this is the first time I’ve seen an American horror film without using too much blood. I really like the lead actress Emily Browning. She’s really cute in the movie.


3 thoughts on “The Uninvited

    • But this one was really good in my opinion. I have never seen other American remake except for the Ring ‘cuz I watched that version first.

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