My Lover Who Is Seductive

I hope I got the translation right. I always suck at translating poetic words.

In case you are wondering, my topic title, My Lover Who Is Seductive, (Nyoe Naing Loon Dae Kya Ma Chit Thu) is a song composed by Kai Zar. The word ‘seductive’ refers to the lover’s eyes. May Sweet originally sang it, but I only heard that song after Chan Chan’s version in “See Sar A Hla”. It’s actually an English song cover, but I can’t recall the original song title. There’s also another version with different lyrics by Zaw Win Htut, which I was used to hearing since I was a kid.

The lyrics are really beautiful although it’s a well known copy song. Well, I only really heard May Sweet’s version in a duet with L Loon War from her latest concert, but even though the duet is really nice, I still prefer Chan Chan’s version. I like the opening harmony in Chan Chan’s song.

Thanks to Ma May11 for uploading to YouTube.


7 thoughts on “My Lover Who Is Seductive

    • You should check out other songs by her. She’s really amazing. She won second place in Melody World, but she’s far more famous that the person who won the first prize, probably because she’s a model. Her sister’s Nay Nay also have a nice voice.

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