New Moon

After patiently waiting for the DVD release ever since the theater release of New Moon, I finally got my hands on it a few days ago. However, to my disappointment, the one I bought doesn’t play well with my DVD player, which was bought five years ago. I don’t think it’s the DVD player’s fault. I should have bought the other version, the one that came without a plastic dvd cover, but then it was out to stock at the DVD shop. I even thought about buying another copy, but I’ve decided to just make a copy of the DVD instead. So far, I’ve watched it twice with my computer and I really enjoy it, even though it’s a bit different from the novel, which I had expected after seeing the first film.

It took me awhile to get used to the pale face of Robert Pattinson in the first film and I was a bit disappointed ‘cuz the movie wasn’t like the novel, but I got used to it later after my second-time watching. So, as I’ve mentioned before, I wasn’t really expecting the movie to be exactly like the novel. But, I didn’t expect Bella to be so attracted to Jacob, when she only thought of him as a friend in the novel. It’s totally noticeable in those scenes with Bella and Jacob. I even started to favor Jacob more, even though I was a Edward fan, because of Taylor Lautner. It’s amazing how a haircut could totally change a person’s looks. Not that he looked bad with long hair, but I was able to see his face more clearly.

I’ve only read the novel once and I think I only read the ending (At that time, I didn’t own the book so I read the ebook.) while I listened to the rest via the audiobook. (Thank you Ma Puu Kaung.) I remember curling up in bed, listening to the woman’s voice narrating on my mp4 player, sometimes crying and wishing for Edward to come back. I know this book is for teens, but it still made me extremely sad when Bella was all alone. I felt really connected to Bella’s feeling. When she started hearing his voice whenever she’s doing something reckless, I really thought Edward was communicating to her via telepathy or something. It’s not like that in film. Instead of only hearing his voice, she also sees him as well although he’s like a ghost who disappear immediately. I think if I hadn’t read the novel, I wouldn’t understand the reason for his appearances. It wasn’t explained in the film at all.

I’m just a little disappointed that the other Cullens hardly get much roles in the sequel, except for Alice. The same goes for the other werewolves ‘cuz I barely remember their faces except for Sam.

As soon as I can find time to be away from reading other novels, I am going to read New Moon again. I have a friend who reads the ebook for eight months since she doesn’t have time to be on the computer all the time. If she was in Yangon, I would have lent her my copy.


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