Yar Thi Sar

To date, I think “Yar Thi Sar” is the third hip-hop and r&b Thingyan album, but the only album to also release as a VCD. The first one came out in 2004, but I only have that one as a tape version. Now I can’t even recall the album title. The second one is called “Myuu Kywa Nay Mae”. The ironic thing was I bought that album (pirated of course) only after Thingyan has ended as I didn’t know it was a Thingyan album. I remember watching some of its music videos on A Di Pa Ti buses, but I don’t know why the VCD version wasn’t released.

As for “Yar Thi Sar”, I have to say this is the first time in three years in which I actually like a Thingyan VCD. It features Ya Tha, Jauk Jack, Yone Lay, Kyat Pha, Ja Dine, Breaky, Jenny, Wine Su, Suzi, and Jue. I won’t go into details, but I’ll give a brief review over the ones I like.

A Lite Thi Own – Jenny feat. Breaky

Actually a Kat Deluna cover, I am amazed with myself that I can actually listen to this song without getting angry. But my sister who likes Kat Deluna more didn’t like it. Jenny tried to imitate her dance moves also (watch the near ending…it’s so funny). It’s the background dancers who got more on my nerves. I hope kids won’t be trying to impersonate Jenny’s moves after seeing this. One time, I saw a kid on TV who was dancing exactly like Jenny’s BabyVox cover song and he was only five years old or something.

Bae Thu Pyaw Lae (Who Said That) – Jauk Jack

My favorite song in the whole album, mostly because of its chorus lyrics “Who said that you only have to sing about women in Thingyan songs. Who said that you only have to sing about love stuffs in Thingyan songs.”. His lyrics made fun of the Thingyan pavilions (mandats).

Zar Tar (Horoscope) – Wine Su Khine Thein

The song is oddly familiar. Maybe it’s one of those Kpop songs that I always skip whenever I hear them. Dressed in matching golden jacket and shorts, with black leggings or something of course, Wine Su performed without any dancers. Maybe it’s better. I really hate those freaky dancers. bright color pants

Mandalay Hmar Hae (At Mandalay) – Yone Lay

I’m guessing that Yone Lay might be performing in Mandalay, judging from his song. The way he is jumping up and down on the stage, I was afraid that the stage was going to collapse 😛

Har Yay – Kyat Pha & Ja Dine

I don’t know what make this video more funnier, the rapper’s expressions or the lyrics, or maybe both.

Yar Thi Sar – Jauk Jack & Jue

Just like “Past Thingyan with Ye’ Lay & Bambino, this wll be one of the hits from the album.

Kaung Ka Lay Nae Kaung Ma Lay (The Boy & Girl) – Thein Linn Soe & Jue

Finally a R&B Thingyan song. I haven’t heard one ever since “Mandat Htae Hmar” by Ye’ Lay & Rebecca Win. I haven’t seen Thein Linn Soe in any videos after Bo Lu Pwe 2. Back then, his style was…..well, my sister and I nicknamed him Twante Thein Tan. Now, he’s transformed into a Se7en look-alike, not in a bad way, but in a good way. Now that I think of it, his voice does reminds me of Se7en ‘cuz both have soft voices. Don’t start any flame war with me, Se7en fans. I am not saying he’s like Se7en.


2 thoughts on “Yar Thi Sar

  1. i dun like any of the songs from that album though 😀
    well, the girl from kyat pha’s mtv..she is kyat pha’s gf 😀
    they r together and she is wearing this big jacket..cute rite..haha

    • Compared to other Thingyan albums, this one was way a lot better. Their music are unlike those recycled, copy songs with singers shaking their butts on stage (Jenny still got to shake her butt in the first song).

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